Thursday, July 24, 2014

12W1D :') Its legs and hands were waving to me :')

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRKKKK!! I wanna scream out louuddddddddd x)

I'm a mother-wanna-be now :D Alhamdulillah..

Setelah semalem akhirnya USG juga, keliatan deh kalo calon bayi ini udah berumur 12 weeks 1 day.. Dan tangan sama kakinya itu gerak2 gitu gamau diem.. Ya Allah, such a bless :')

Seneng banget deh liat calon bayi di screen USGnya, unbelievable! Indescribable, too!! Wanna upload the picture, but my husband should go to his office now and it means the tethering should be turned off also.. HAHA.

Iyah, nih, kan dia yang jadi penyedia wi-fi di rumah :p

Aaaaaaaaaahhhh, I'm still in the great happiness today due to something in my womb :D
Grow, grow, grow and grow up my little divine.. Our little divine..

Doakan yaaaaaaaaaaahh kami sehat2, kuat dan dilancarkan sampai proses persalinan nanti :) Aaamiiinnn..

The due date shall be on February 4, 2015.. Insha Allah :)

Pray for our muslim brothers also at Gaza :( May Allah bless them as shaheed.. Aamiin..

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