Tuesday, November 30, 2010

hard to say-the used

suddenly i want to post these lyrics.. :D
from In Love and Death album of The Used in 2004 *approximately when i was on junior high school, wooo~ it's been a very long time ago, hehe*

this Hard To Say lyrics are cool, i think.. and the music is not really 'disturbs' your ears.. tee-hee! *for those who do not really like 'hard beat' music of The Used and with the 'loud' voice of McCracken, this Hard To Say will be the best choice to listen to.. *and moreover if you are feeling blue! haha* :D

The singer finished singing and she's walking out
The singer sheds a tear, her fear of falling out
And it's hard to say how I feel today
For years gone by and I cried

It's hard to say that I was wrong
It's hard to say I miss you
Since you've been gone, it's not the same

My worries weigh the world, how I used to be
And everything, I'm cold, seems a plague in me
And it's hard to say how I feel today
For years gone by and I cried

It's hard to say that I was wrong
It's hard to say I miss you
Since you've been gone, it's not the same
It's hard to say I held my tongue
It's hard to say if only
Since you've been gone, it's not the same

Worse than the fear it's the lie you told a thousand times before
Worse than a fear it's the knife
But it's hard to say how I feel today
For years gone by and I cried

It's hard to say that I was wrong
It's hard to say I miss you
Since you've been gone, it's not the same
It's hard to say I held my tongue
It's hard to say if only
Since you've been gone, I'm not the same
It's hard to say (God, it's hard to say)
Since you've been gone,
I'm not the same
once i've tried to play my guitar on this song.. HA-HA! *and of course it was terrible*
i love The Used in their 2006 album, frankly~

oh iya, tak bosan, lho!

tak bosan presiden bilang tanam sejuta pohon, sekarang semilyar
tak bosan kami menanam
tak bosan juga mereka lakukan pembalakan liar
tak bosan kalau banjir terus menancapkan layar

tak bosan presiden bilang berantas korupsi
tak bosan kami menahan diri
tak bosan juga mereka menggerogoti uang kami
tak bosan kalau peringkatnya semakin meninggi

tak bosan presiden bilang entaskan kemiskinan
tak bosan kami usaha dan kerja banting tulang
tak bosan juga mereka kau mewakili kami buat jalan-jalan
tak bosan kalau ini cuma menjadi sebatas 'entaskan'

tak bosan presiden bilang lindungi warga negara pemberi devisa, baca: TKI di luar negeri
tak bosan kami mengirim diri, demi dapat uang untuk anak, istri dan suami
tak bosan juga mereka hanya terus memberi janji, sebatas janji
tak bosan kalau penyiksaan terulang lagi, malah seringnya mati

tak bosan aku bilang begini
tak bosan juga dari semua yang presiden bilang kepada kami,
tak bosan kami anggap sebagai pencanangan satu program ter-HIT kini
yaitu: pengurangan jumlah populasi..

habisnya, dari semua yang di atas ujungnya mati..

Monday, November 29, 2010


hehe~ sounds like a movie's title which is Julia Roberts involved in.. :D
and the shooting was in Bali.. *i havent watched the movie, dont ask how the story goes, kay?* :p

i did a conversation with a friend of mine since i was on Junior High School.. he is Feliks *and without The Cat, hehe*
we both know, we always do kinda nonsense chit-chat.. but we always enjoy it.. *or only me? and Fel doesnt? Fel, admit that you enjoy it also! haha* :D

many things we've talked about.. starting from his status on FB, blabbering about something unnecessary, el clasico *hell yeah!! it is tonight!*, and something inspiring for me.. it's about a 4-letter word with a massive effect to hear: H O P E..

yea, hope.. *haha! i wanna laugh if i remembered my answers for your question about this, Fel!*
actually, he quoted it also from a film he watched.. errr, i forgot the title! :D would you like to tell me again, Fel? haha! sorry, but blame my brainey~

yea, hope.. something that everyone owns, but it is easily forgotten very often..

admit it, fellas! i do either.. yea, when i feel I CANT DO THIS or THAT, I just CANT DO IT! when i think im in my weakest point, DESPERATION haunts me.. and i will lost in such desperation, forget one thing that i still HAVE 'HOPE'..

HOPE never leaves us blind and alone..

afterall, whenever we feel powerless and weak, believe one thing that there is hope out there we can rely on..
pray and make efforts to make everything seems possible to reach although you are in the most impossible position..

thanks for Feliks A. Tiantoro as RJ 08 XVII.. keep your spirit burning, pal! lets do a chit-chat anymore.. haha! :)

things i want badly!

it's okay, right, to share kinda 'dreams' here? :D

  • I dont know, i just fall in love with guitar recently.. i mean, i have been in love with this cute musical instrument since... errrr, a year ago! HAHA! yea, it can be said that im a newbie with this damn cute musical instrument.. sometimes i feel stupid when i realize that IT IS TOO LATE TO START LEARNING THIS, silly! yea, i was 21 when i started to fall in love with guitars.. 21! can you imagine it? how old.. tee-hee! so, it's kinda "common thing happened" if i havent been able to play it well.. *membela diri* Sooooo, my first thing i want badly iiiiiisssss.. a professional electric guitar! *WTF?!!* +.+
  • Next is a new handphone! hehe. actually, i REALLY LOVE my old handphone.. and it is really OLD! i mean it.. because i use N-GAGE.. HA-HA! you know, it's kinda the classic-unique-cute handphone.. yea, i love the style.. woo-hoo! TOO STYLISH~ and it WAS cool at the time when N-GAGE firstly launched in 2003.. *sigh!* and my only one reason to change this STYLISH-CUTE-CLASSIC-UNIQUE handphone is the battery! yea, the battery sucks.. *it's old, L! c'mon!* i have changed the batteries many times, of course! with the fake ones.. and it always ends up terribly terrible: to the rubbish bin! gosh~ hmm, i have no desire to change this cutie, actually.. if only there is a very generous person who wants to give me any new handphone.. *keep dreaming!* HA-HA!
  • umm, what else? oh yea!! a good place for my academic training.. yea!! i'll spend my 72-days as "busy-hours" to be a part-timer due to my academic obligation to graduate ON TIME! hoho~ and i dont REALLY want to end up in a gloomy-horrible place for 72 days..you neither! :D broadcasting area attracts me recently.. working for a radio or local TV station may be a good choice.. and i DONT WANT TO be a teacher! oh, enough.. *LOL*
  • i think i need a new brilliant brain! HA-HA! yea, i feel stuck with this old brainey~ huhu. or maybe i need a new faster processor?oh, c'mon, L! it's your 7th semester and your little brainey hasnt performed something FAB at all?! ah, lame.. throw your brainey to the bin!
  • another thing i want badly is my academic seminar, of course! yea, i want to graduate soon.. huhu! and catch my friends up who are able to earn money by themselves.. waaa~ a great thing, uh? i mean, MONEY! $.$ tee-hee! yea, it's a great thing when you can afford things you want by your own money, right? there is a "pride" there.. so, please, my dearest lecturers, make my seminar goes smoothly-quickly.. *and i promise i will get the info about the schedule, first!* haha~ silly, if i remember the time i MISSED my seminar schedule and my lecturer had called my name and i WASNT there because i DIDNT KNOW the schedule.. (_ _")
  • and the last thing i want badly is CONTINUE my study [abroad, if only i get God's divine to do]. hehe~ yea, continuing your degree abroad is something GROOVY, isnt it? i mean, it's cool and sophisticated and another WOOOOZZ thing to happen.. mmm, if i have to choose the country, i prefer USA.. :D but, Singapore isnt that bad at all.. or maybe my destiny leads my path to continue it in Bandung [again]? ah, let the destiny leads the right path of mine.. :D
  • ummm, what else? AH! i've said the LAST in the previous point?? oh, okay~ i'll finish my wish lists, then! and this is the MOST LAST list:
AAMIIN! *Semoga Tuhan mengabulkan*

and how about yours? just make them! and always PLAY hard, oops sorry, i mean WORK hard to achieve them.. :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Miss You, Love!*

do you miss me, too? or too much?

P.S: i love the way you love me but i hate the way im supposed to love you back*..



*) Silverchair-Miss you, love

Friday, November 26, 2010

i LOVE boys.. xD

yea, i mean, hey im a girl, anyway.. HAHA! :D

nope, i mean, yea im a girl and girls LOVE boys, right? and, actually, i LOVE the way boys mingle around with the boys also.. you know, when boys do a chit-chat with other boys and they hang out together, they will CHAT NONSENSE.. *am i right? HAHA!* they will chat rubbish, and i always LOVE it.. *LOL*

i dont know, i just love the way they joke and kid the others.. i love the way they laugh at one others.. i love the way they express their feelings directly.. i love the way their appearances to be sooooo simple as possible.. i love the way they come home too late at night and no one is angry to them.. i love the way they wear sporty shorts and their sport shoes.. i love the way they hold their cigars and handphones at the same time *AH-AH! haha, i hate smokers, actually, but sometimes they seem cute, xD* i love the way they play the music instruments *and guitars are the best! tee-hee* i love the way they love hardcore, black metal and underground musics then they share them.. i love the way they flirt on girls *HAHA! silly* i love the way they visualize ASSignments and TASKS from schools as NOTHING *my boy friends always do this, haha!* i love the way they dont give a damn to everything *just relaxed, everything's gonna be better!* i love the way they make this messy complicated lives even SIMPLER.. i love the way they describe about friendship.. i love the way their loyalties to friends.. i love the way their wet messy hairstyles *hah?* and games, and then etcetera!

but one thing i LOVE most is the way THEY do A CHIT-CHAT with their friends.. for sure! seems babbling about rubbish, about nothing, about nonsense, BUT IT IS MEANINGFUL..

yea, instead of talking about gossips, commenting on others *in a bad way*, boyfriends' behaviors, or SINETRONS! (_ _") uurrgghhh.. or any other SENSITIVE things to share with.. *ooppss, Girls!*

yea, boys talk about sports they love, the latest technology (i even hard to find girls who really understand about this.. even they dont know what their blackberries are for, except for blackberry messaging.. HEY!! it's 2010, anyway), musics, JOKING and LAUGHING every time, and other nonsenses that make them *and me* laugh if we get involved.. there's no distance, no shyness, no hard feelings, just ALWAYS to be HAPPY everyday.. :D and the world seems BRIGHTER! haha~

tee-hee! boys are cool~
moreover, the shirts with their loose trousers.. :)

hey, boys! how could you, guys, to be that COOL??

it's provocative! really..

first time i read the title, i waaaaaass... errr, what's it? ummm, kinda didnt believe it..
yea, kinda didnt believe it.. because the one who became the news of the article was *i thought* a very BOLD, BRAVE, and RISK-TAKER person.. *hyperbole.. :p*

and whoops sorry, forgot to tell you what the heck did i read? tee-hee! :D

it was kinda note that my friend shared on FB.. and he also got it from Indonesian online newspaper.. *thank God, Zuckerberg invented this COOL site* and the title is AWAS!!! KAMPANYE MELEPAS JILBAB MERAMBAH FACEBOOK..

woohoo~ or it is *more or less in English* WATCH OUT!!! 'TAKE-YOUR-HIJAB-OFF CAMPAIGN HAS REACHED FACEBOOK..'

provocative.. really! i mean, in the sense of making some people react negatively towards this article.. moreover, sometimes we are EASILY provoked by anything *but me, cuz im COOL, haha!*

and here is the direct link of this provocative article.. it's in Bahasa, anyway.. hehe!
the overview of the article is mainly about a Turkish girl named Semra Celebi who grown up in a conservative Turkish family and wearing hijab is a must. but she took a decision to take off her hijab after she lives in Amsterdam and it isnt EASY decision to do.. *yea, of course!*

she thinks that it isnt that necessary to wear hijab to be a good muslim *a good point, girl! hehe* and even she makes a fanpage in FB about her 'brilliant' movement, and SURPRISINGLY there were around a hundred girls HAVE JOINED the page in 3 weeks only.. *hmm, i've checked the fanpage just now and the members are 83 only, although there is a comment of negative voice about her. SEE?? u made a provocative page, girl.. hehe!*

frankly, i dont know how to put my point of view here. i mean, i AM NOT kinda GOOD muslim also.. and i dont want to pretend to be good.. to me, just do what you think it's TRUE..


and, EVENTUALLY, we have had the BEST guide to obey.. :)

*hey, Semra! watch out your skins! the Sun can burn them easily.. HEHE!* ==joking==

Thursday, November 25, 2010

FRIENDship *part 2*

HA-HA! i dont know, whether i myself who is truly idiot or the blog?? i just couldnt continue the posting of the photos.. xD

ah, lanjutkan di sini saja.. :D

*Whooopps! aku baru tahu kalo posting poto mesti dari atas ya?? HAHA! (_ _")

masa2 SMA.. haha! menjadi gembel!! ge,bel keren dong ya.. :D

HAHA! just silly.. xD me and liza.. ouch!! the expression was GOOD! haha, cant stop laughing.. when i was at senior high school.. :)

Rudi's wedding, the guitarist HAHA! though i couldnt come.. nice to see ur smiles, GUYS!

when i watched Javarockinland.. tee-hee! love it..

dufaaaaaaaaaaaaaaann.. hehe! left-right: mimim, HAHA! (_ _"), me, and teguh

flying flying!! :D

see? that's friendship! :p rebutan makan es krim traktiran aku pas aku dapet gaji pertama.. HAHA!

ini waktu aku dapet gaji pertama kali pas abis ngajar les privat! HA-HA! cuma mampu traktir es krim.. tapi rame.. :)

ke pasar malam pas KKN.. left-right: ihya, puji, ai, kang aris, windy, me, and detika *really miss y'all!*

monich and me *a shot with my KKN sista*
KKN! hehe, pas udah mau pulang.. farewell.. :)

it is so-called FRIENDship.. \m/

ah, i LOVE making friends.. :)
and i want to post these photos because a friend of mine sent me GREAT words about friendship:
pertemanan itu layaknya sebuah buku; butuh beberapa detik untuk membakarnya, tetapi butuh bertahun-tahun untuk menulisnya..
how sweet! :)

ya, pertemanan itu nggak kenal kata 'CERAI' atau 'PUTUS'.. buat aku, representasi tentang pertemanan udah sangat baik diwakilin sama liriknya SLANK-Friendship.. hehe! ini dia liriknya!
mari bertemaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaann~

whosoever and wheresoever we are, making friends is not that hard to do..
LOVE is the most needed ingredient..
it brings MAGIC, JOY, LAUGH, HAPPINESS to our lives.. :)

me, as the opening! xD
after the show! me, dwi, putri *HAHA! im such an idiot*
RF XVII *devi, tia, me, mita, and ital *lovely besties!*                                                                      

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

ada yang tahu sedetik kemudian apa yang terjadi?

yea, that's the point..
emangnya ada yang njamin bisa tahu apa yang terjadi bahkan di sedetik kemudian?

ah, bosen aku buat nyadarin diri sendiri kalo it is life..

ada yang datang, pasti ada yang pergi..
semua yang bukan hak milik kita alias cuman titipan belaka, ya jangan marah dan sedih berlarut2 kalo diambil lagi sama yang punya..

it is life-cycles! and life is never flat, anyway.. hehe!
kalo kata dosen sastra aku mah: like in a narrative story, it will be goddamned boring if there is no COMPLICATIONS, CONFLICTS.. *and of course, the word goddamned is an insertion from me.. tee-hee!*

semoga digantikan dengan yang lebih baik. aamiin..

*meracau di malam hari, sambil ditemenin bunyi ujan di atas genting airnya turun tidak terkira cobalah tengok dahan dan ranting pohon dan kebun basah semua*

sabar ya.. ikhlas saja.. oke? :)
*edited version.. biar terbaca lebih enak.. :P

Harry Potter has to be responsible for this! HAHA!

yea, two days ago i watched Harry Potter 7 Part 1 with my friends.. a bit late, of course. but the crowd were still buzzing everywhere! we went to Ciwalk at 4 o'clock.. it was an accidentally-event, i mean yea we hadnt planned it before that we would watch HarPot because it was still in the most crowded time. moreover, i had a class at 3 o'clock..

but the fact SAID another magic word: i invited my friends to watch HarPot and missed the class! HAHA!! insane!! yea, i know, im insane.. :D because the class was about my 'live-or-die' stuff, i mean i've spent my day-offs for the class, once i miss the class again it means GAME OVER: i should take the class again next year.. *WOOHOO~ it's kinda nightmare for me! after getting there, we ordered the tickets for 5 persons and i should have paid it off: because i missed the class INTENTIONALLY, we got the-very-first-row-seats to sit on! *can you imagine it? sitting on the very-first-row-seats mean TORTURE your body and neck for the next 2-3 hours.. *sigh*

i've done it with so much fun, however.. :D

the film, surely, is GREAT! Ron is really cute there *he looks too fat for me, or is it just an illusion due to i sat in front of the screen?* and he is still SILLY like usual.. *just LOVE it* :)

we'd got home at 11 o'clock with very-hungry-stomach because we hadnt eaten rice yet! *Indonesians*
ah, taking photographs is a MUST! yea, say it with photos.. because photos are the best stuff ever to capture and freeze the time.. *and we are always happy to do it, tee-hee!*

kiki, me, and echie
haha! the photo was taken by a security who offered himself to help us taking the photo.. wow~ how nice! thanks2, mr. security.. ^^ *i dont know, i love Pahlawan Bertopeng in Shinchan's*

eh?? HAHA! just silly, girls~
echie and me (nice shot, Kiki! :D)
and the time went too fast.. haha!

*kena marah dosen yang aku bolosin kelasnya kemaren pas nonton HarPot, huhu*

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

tak kah kau tahu? AKU SUDAH MUAK!

aku tak mau menonton televisi
karena aku sudah muak

melihat kau berceloteh itu ini
mempertahankan pendapat yang menguntungkan diri sendiri
datangi Amerika, Venezuela, Turki sampai Yunani
bilang mau belajar, tapi apa perlu sampai ke luar negeri?
karena KAMI yang membiayai

aku tak mau menonton televisi
karena aku sudah muak

melihat kau marah-marah tak jelas
menampilkan kelicikan, kebengisan, kejahatan yang sangat
di satu sisi, yang lain terus menangis
merana terus, miskin, tapi manis
disukai lelaki kaya yang raya
orang tuanya tidak menyetujui
lalu tampilkan berbagai macam ekspresi
dengan backsound yang melulu begini
dengan trik kamera yang wajahmu didekati
HA! kau berakting di sini!

aku tak mau menonton televisi
karena aku sudah muak

tampilkan berita picisan
baru punya pacar baru, sudah ditanya kapan menikah
mau menikah, sudah ditanya rencana kapan beranak pinak
sudah menikah, pasti yang ditunggu perceraian
AH-AH! ribut-ribut depan kamera sedot perhatian

aku tak mau menonton televisi
karena aku sudah muak

kecuali kalau kau yang menemani
(baca: kau-nya bukan yang aku sebut di atas, titik)

Slank-Kosong Sama Kosong

i listen to this song till i am BORED and FRUSTRATED but i like it! hha~
yea, to accompany me in doing my holy ASSignments tonight.. :) *weeping*
this Slank-Kosong Sama Kosong is available on their TUJUH album in 1997..

just love the lyrics and the music.. :D
Emosi lama masih terbawa saat pertama
Masa lalu membuat saling tak percaya
Frustrasi mendorong alam bawah sadar kita
Tuk lakukan hal gila yang tak terduga

Dekat-dekatlah dariku
Menangislah di pelukku

Kubersihkan muntahmu dan kubilas dengan air
Kukecup senyummu yang mengandung sesuatu
Kaubelai marahku dengan berikan kelembutan
Dan kausadari ceritaku penuh dendam

Jangan jauh-jauh dariku
Menangislah dipelukku

Tatapmu yang kosong samakah dengan mataku
Jiwamu yang kosong samakah dengan dadaku
Tatapmu yang kosong samakah dengan mataku
Jiwamu yang kosong samakah dengan dadaku
*postingan yang sungguh sangat tidak perlu, sebenarnya.. HAHA!*

Monday, November 22, 2010

doa seorang TKW yang beritanya sedang marak di Indonesia

KAU bilang KAU Maha Pengasih

lalu bagaimana nasip anakku?
yang ingin terus sekolah dan kemudian menjadi pemimpin, tapi BUKAN PEMIMPIN yang tak berhati

lalu bagaimana nasip ibuku?
yang masih ingin terus berharap untuk bisa menuju RUMAHMU, tapi kini kian merenta

lalu bagaimana nasip suamiku?
yang masih terus mengayuh becaknya, tapi tenaganya sudah payah

lalu bagaimana nasip negaraku?
yang masih mau dipandang berwibawa, tapi tak mampu menyelamatkanku

lalu bagaimana dengan nasip para wakil rakyatku? para wakil rakyat KAMI?
yang TETAP ingin terus mendekati NERAKAMU?
lihat saja mereka!
masih BERANI tetap menjadi WAKIL kami untuk BERJALANJALAN ke luar negeri KARENA tahu kami tak mampu menuju ke sana,
masih BERANI menjadi WAKIL kami untuk MALAS karena tahu kami PEKERJA KERAS,
masih BERANI menjadi WAKIL kami untuk mendapatkan banyak uang KARENA tahu kami tak kan pernah mampu,
masih BERANI menjadi WAKIL kami untuk BERHATI MATI karena tahu kami orang2 PEDULI.

KAU bilang KAU Maha Pengabul Doa

maka, untuk kali ini saja aku mohon

inspired by Giri Marendra (an old SILLY  friend)
i always adore your silliness, boy! thanks for the inspiration.. :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

ketika DAN belajar

Ketika kerjamu tidak dihargai,maka saat itu kau sedang belajar tentang ketulusan..
Ketika usahamu dinilai tidak penting, maka saat itu kau sedang belajar tentang keikhlasan..
Ketika hatimu terluka sangat dalam, maka saat itu kau sedang belajar tentang memaafkan..
Ketika kau harus lelah dan kecewa, maka sat itu kau sedang belajar tentang kesungguhan.....
Ketika kau merasa sepi dan sendiri, maka saat itu kau sedang belajar ketangguhan..
kutipan dari temenku, yang pastinya dia juga hasil ngutip dari yang lain.. HAHA! :p
but it is a great job, Riski Raihan Maulana.. :)

tapi beneran, kalimat itu berhasil kasih aku ENERGI EKSTRA buat tetep MENSYUKURI apa yang udah dikasih, apa yang didapat, apa yang TERJADI..

yea, if talking about life, it will meet NO END.. maksudku, tiap kita bicara tentang hidup pasti kita nggak akan ada abisnya.. nggak akan nemu titik nadirnya.. apalagi kalo ngomongin tentang nikmat yang diberikan Tuhan sama kita.. mau nulis sampe lebaran kuda juga nggak akan pernah cukup waktu yang dibutuhin buat ngegambarin itu semua! *woooo..

iya, bersyukur.. ketika kau merasa semua yang dikutip di atas, maka saat itu kau sedang belajar bersyukur..

hal kecil ya? justru dari hal-hal kecil itulah ternyata yang mengajarkan kita untuk terus bersyukur.. :)
maka Nikmat Tuhan kamu yang manakah yang kamu dustakan? (55:13)

a memory of you, Tetchan!! xD

it's been a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time i didnt hear Laruku's songs since i was on senior high school. it means almost 4-5 years ago! HA-HA!

ah, L'Arc~en~Ciel seemed a bridge for me to fall in love with anything about Japan.. *even i've had a dream to get married there!* silly~

yea, afterall, i loved all-about-J for almost 2-4 years. i even subscribed one of the Japanese magz, the most famous one in Indonesia which covered all about J from its culture, animes, tokusatsu and mangas, and i was crazy about them! cosplay, is the most i love stuff. yea, costume player! when people dress up like her/his fave characters from Japan (it can be from anime or manga, even their original characters they make). LOVE the way they show theirselves off with the costumes.. :)

back to Laruku, i love Laruku. i HEART it. moreover the personnel are CUTE!! xD
i love TETSU most! he's the bassist. and the CUTEST bassist ever.. *lol* i remember when i was at the first semester of my study, and my lecturer had given me a task to make a biography of the famous as my writing course, i chose TETCHAAAAAAAAAN!! xDD *tetchan is the cute nickname for tetsu, haha*

i've just realized that i WAS totally SILLY! gosh~
yea yea, i even remember my Y!M nickname is Banana69!! *gosh!! it is sillier than the writing task!* BANANA69: just because Tetchan loves bananas, and he was born in 1969, and he is called as Prince Banana69, i USED it as my Y!M nickname.. once i'd joined Y!M chat with the global chat windows where we can join people around the globe who use Y!M also, i'd been buzzed by TOO MANY GUYS (girls also) to make a CS *camsex!!*

oh my god!! yea, it's Banana and it's 69! what did the heck people think BUT i WAS a 'crazy-stupid-hot-whore' who offered a free camsex for everyone??!! HA-HA! just silly~ and i was shocked, then i terminated my Y!M without signing up, and i NEVER do that chat anymore because i EVEN DONT KNOW how to change my damn-silly nickname.. *sigh*


but i still love Tetchan.. :) my Prince Banana69.. tee-hee! *so sorry, i've ignored u for a long time and keep listening on Western bands not u* :D

and these are the pics of my Prince Banana69. u'll realize how CUTE he is in his 41.. yea, he's 41 now on October 3.. *aaaaaaaaarrrkkk! just love hiiiiiiiiiiimm* xD

tetchaaaaaaaan!! xD
i got the pic from here!

he always loves pink, orange, yellow! xD
yea yea, i love his messy hairstyle.. :) i got the pic from here!

and i HEART this expression.. tee-hee! i got it from here!

and he appears in ORANGE!! x)

and this is a fan of him did something for celebrating his 40th birthday.. *and this reminds me to my damn-silly Y!M nickname!! HA-HA! blame Tetchan.. :p (got it from here.)

HA-HA! Banana69

see? he's just CUTE! ah, TOO CUTE!! :))

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Hoosiers-Unlikely Hero

The Hoosiers come back with their brand spankingly new album, it is The Illusion of Safety.. :)
and their new single is Unlikely Hero..

if i talk about a band and its title, it means i'll talk about the lyrics i heart! xD *yea, what else?*
check these lyrics out: *the point is i LOVE with the highlighted ones*

Only love, only love will save us now
Only love will talk it down,
You're my unlikely hero,
I try so hard but you won't surrender,
I want you to know,

I like everybody, but not everybody likes me, oh whoaa oh
My love's not an island, it's the tip of a volcano, oh whoaa oh

I'm alive I'm alive but only just
I'm alive, no one to trust
Oh you're my unlikely hero,
I try so hard but you won't surrender,
I want you to know

I like everybody, but not everybody likes me
oh whoa oh
My love's not an island, it's the tip of a volcano
oh whoa oh

Oh Gumbaro, everybody talks
Oh gumbaro, no one hears
Oh Gumbaro, everybody talks
Oh anekatips gumbaro,

Unlikely Hero
I try so hard but you won't surrender,
I want you to know,
Whoaa oh whoaa, whoaa oh whoaa

I like everybody, but not everybody likes me
oh whoaa oh
My love's not an island, it's the tip of a volcano
oh whoaa oh

Only love, only love will save us now
Only love will talk me down,
Only love, only love will save us now
Only love, only love will save me now
HA-HA! love also the music.. aaaahhh~ just great!! xD

what is actually on guys' minds??

naaaahh, ini pertanyaannya: what's actually on guys' minds??? pas aku lagi jalan di sekitar gerlong *daerah kekuasaan 'aa gym' (the famous ulama in Indonesia)* ada cewek pake hotpant gitu deh..*and a hotpant ya, secara ya gerlong itu 'area religius' gitu, jadinya hotpants users bakal mudah sekali terbidik 'mata2 pemburu hal2 indah'.. HA-HA! i know, it's too exaggerate to picture those eyes.. :)

hmm, i mean it actually. ya, gimana nggak? soalnya yaaa pas tu cewek lewat *kebetulan aku jalannya di belakang dia, not too far and not too close*, semuaaaaa mata2 cowok pada ngeliatin dia gitu.. yang lagi jalan di depan dia langsung dapet pemandangan gratis ini *dan lebih menguntungkan! hha* yang jalan di depan dia tapi ada di seberang jalan, tinggal sedikit lirik langsung kena. yang lagi jalan di belakang dia, terus ngikutin dia pergi sampe2 lupa si mata-pemburu ini sebenernya pengen kemana tujuannya.. huahah! gokil aja deh.. beneran!

yang lagi naek motor aja sampe kepalanya muter hampir 180 derajat demi tidak kehilangan 'such this precious moment'.. untung aja nggak nabrak pohon atau apa, gitu.. hehe! yang lagi jalan sama ceweknya, sempet juga curi2 sedikit. yang lagi sms-an, cuman keliatan ngetik2 keypad hape-nya aja tanpa sadar mungkin tu orang ngetik: WOOOOOOOWW, how nice! haha.. :pp

pokonya kocak deh.. haha! kalo kebayang, masih suka ketawa2 sendiri.. buset daaaahh, rame euy! haha.. :D

ya, makanya apa sih sebenernya yang ada di pikiran cowok2??
hmm, i dont know, it's not fair if i blame those guys only.. soalnya kan yang 'menawarkan' ya ceweknya.. hmmm, kalo disambungin sama obrolan aku dan 'temen' aku di facebook tentang pakaian cewek2 jaman sekarang, ya bener juga: ceweknya mesti 'menghormati' dirinya sendiri dulu dengan cara berpakaian yang 'lebih menutup'..
tapi, cowoknya juga sebaiknya lebih bisa menahan diri dan menjaga 'matanya'.. the world is beautiful, and there are many 'beautiful views' also, here! be calm, i know what you feel.. xD

yayayaya, termasuk aku, mungkin.. hehe! *although of course i dont wear hotpants and tanktop and those mini-dresses coz i dont want my skins burnt by the Sun! and i have no something beautiful to share* huahahah~ xD maksudnya, karena aku agak2 ketinggalan jaman jadi yaaaa kalo pake baju suka yang 'nge-gembel' gitu.. tampak tidak menghormati diri sendiri.. hehe. *padahal gara2 kurang uang buat jadi fashionista*

ada quote yang bagus: you are what you wear..
ya, berpakaianlah yang sesuai, berlebihan tentu tidak dianjurkan.. minim?? wah, buat yang badannya bagus sih, oke oke aja kali ya? HA-HA! :D *kidding*

and the point is: wearing right dresses at the right places, kay? hehe.

haha. aku nggak tau, koq jadi pengen nge-pos ini ya? gara2 ngomongin pakaian sama 'temen' di facebook.. *hey, if u read this post: thanks for the inspiration :)!*
thanks for Shahrizal Saharudin.. we're friends, right? HA-HA! :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

im stupid, so what?! x(

yea, kinda an idiot.. huhu. if weeping could solve all this, i'll weep a whole day long! HA-HA! ;((

harusnya aku tuh seminar proposal skripsi hari selasa kemaren! ah, bego banget dah sampe gak tau jadwal seminar gini.. padahal yang maksain udah ambil skripsi semester ini, ya aku sendiri.. :(
dengan misi: CEPAT LULUS, BIAR NGGAK BAYAR SPP LAGI! hahaha.. :D

yea, such a moron! what on earth kinda idiot people who DIDNT KNOW the schedule of her/his crucial moment which even she/he proposed it by her/himself?? yea, ME! it's me!! HA-HA! *weeping*

hmmm, tapi ya mau gimana lagi? bersyukur juga sih aku nggak waktu Selasa kemaren seminarnya, bisa2 malu banget tuh! my proposal research is EXTREMELY positively truly shallow, such a rubbish and NONSENSE! hyahaha~
*very me!*

can you imagine?! im proposing a proposal for my prerequisite of my bachelor degree graduation.. dengan kata lain: proposal itu adalah perkara hidup-mati aku di dunia perKAMPUSan ini. haha! dan bodohnya, aku nggak tau jadwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall~ kena omel deh sama bapa2 informan di jurusan.. *sigh*

yay~ harus bersemangat! hadapin aja deh ahh.. pa dosen, aku siap dibantai, pa.. :)) *dengan senyum lebar pasrah, yang terjadi terjadilah, menunggu harapan buat seminar kloter 3!*

wish me luck~

today is GREAT.. xD

hehe. the hot topics for my blog recently is still about Idul Adha.. :)

yea, although i couldnt celebrate it with my family, at least i've celebrated it with my beloved friends.
we strolled around Bandung, we visited a place which we've never been there before. it's Braga Weg (in Dutch) or Braga Street. the most famous one, and we'd never been there but not today.. :p

Braga Weg is an old city of Bandung where we can see so many old buildings, especially in Dutch styles, and of course take photographs! tee-hee..
the place is really cool! i mean, it's kinda warped time machine where we can be dragged back to the past. yea, it's just cool~ :D

a shot of Braga Weg's Corner
i dont know, i just love the view. with many antique-look street lamps and Heineken's signs everywhere, Braga Weg is just like Paris *although i've never been in Paris before, haha!*
no wonder if Bandung is well known as Parijs Van Java (more or less it means Paris in Java).

me and the antique-look street lamp
i love the style~ xD (i mean, the lamp and the street and everything, but not me.. ahaha).
then we went to the mall.. yea, Bandung is full of malls! although we are in an old-city-look-alike street, it can be definitely 100% sure we can find a mall/malls there.. shopaholics' paradise~

Braga City Walk is designed very 'oldies' and 'somewhere-outta-Indonesia-look-like'..

Braga City Walk (inside)
and the rest of our trip is TAKING PHOTOGRAPHS~ xD

me and Dwi in front of one of stores at Braga Weg
me, Dwi and Dwi's boyfriend glow in the dark!
hey! im the shortest of all! xD
hmm, it's obviously seen that im no one between them! HA-HA! *a single fighter's risk*

yay~ i love the building!!
Dwi and me (waiting Megamind to play)
yea, and finally we've spent our time to watch Megamind (and this animated movie is the MOST idiotic movies i've ever watched! HAHA! i love Roxie's hair, anyway~)

eating at Padang restaurant made us FULL and was closed by went shopping to Pasar Baru.. tee-hee!
just love this Idul Adha.. *in another side, im sad.. ;(

thanks for Dwi Ratnaningdyah and Fitrianto Dedi Vaika.. you, guys, ROCK!! :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

something bad, something good

happy eid mubarak.. :)

finally, i have to celebrate Idul Adha this year ALONE! haha..
not really alone, i just cant gather with my family. that's it!  
Family isn't about whose blood you have. It's about who you care about. -Trey Parker and Matt Stone-
at least, i still can smile widely by referring what Parker and Stone said.. tee-hee! yea, because i celebrate it with my friends here who also cant go home since their hometowns are pretty far away from Bandung.. *im luckier than them, it's been their third year of Idul Adha they cant celebrate with their families*

yea, my friends are my families. thanks to all for you~ :)

and what else in the world do you wish for than these nice friends? we have to thank everything come to our lives, anyway..

based on the preach (i dont know what the suitable word to replace this 'preach' because 'preach' is usually done in a church, but im a Muslim! ha-ha! hmm, the most important thing is the message, right? no matter what the religion is) i get after doing eid prayer, humans usually think that something good happens are blessing. and that something bad is considered as disaster..

hmmm, it's not always like that, actually.. because that something good, more often, makes us forget to thank THE ONE who GIVES this blessing..

and that something bad, mostly, forces us to pray more solemnly.. forces us to remember the God Almighty..

and the question is:
should we get SOMETHING BAD repeatedly then we'll REMEMBER??

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

hey, meteor shower! o(>.<)O

after being told by my beloved friend, and i've searched the news about the Leonid meteor shower, finally i've got the info here! it's in Bahasa Indonesia and im very happy to read this~ :)

the Leonid meteor shower can be seen easily if only the sky is clear. and in Indonesia, based on the article, this pour can be seen clearly before the dawn starting on Wednesday, November 17, 2010. and this divine will reach a peak during Thursday before the dawn! hmm, we shouldnt miss it.. :)

Meteor Leonid lie on the Leo constellation and will move radially from this Leo constellation which will appear at 1 AM in the east. according to astronomer Jeremie Vaubaillon from Institut de Mecanique Celeste et de Calcul des Ephemerides, France, the meteor orbital can be seen from 8-24 November 2010 and will reach at peak on 17-18 November 2010 which means several hours later after i post this! hehe.

i dont want to miss this divine, a gift from Allah SWT who will show HIS GREATNESS to us, which rarely come and to see! :D

hmm, i can hardly wait!! :))

Leonid Fireball in 1999.
the pic is from here! :)

thanks for Veronia Widayanti for the info.. :)

just enjoy it! la la la la~

Idul Adha (another Big Day of Muslims which is usually celebrated by sacrificing sheep, cows or camels as our expression of grateful to Allah SWT and the meats are shared to our neighbors and the poor) this year will be the plainest Big Day of mine..

yea, i couldnt go home and gathered with my family in my hometown due to my duties as a tenant-student in Bandung. actually, it didnt take too much time to go to Cirebon (my hometown) from Bandung since Cirebon-Bandung trip takes 5 hours only by bus, it seems LONG enough for me, however..

my college didnt give us a compensation for this special day, so we had to attend the class even a day before the D-Day. it was upset me. i couldnt not to attend the class because i have no compensation to not attend the class anymore.. hehe! i've spent it earlier and i regretted it very much.. :(

yea, as you can imagine of course, i was alone in my boarding house with no friends because they'd gone home since last Saturday. the situation in Gerlong (which my boarding house is located near my campus) was also not as crowded as usual. hmm, i've just realized that Gerlong is actually full of tenant-students only.. haha!

sigh, i've just remembered my family..

but, this makes me realize also that this is life..
with its risks, with its surprises, with its uncertainties..

and those make us stronger and stronger from time to time..
it is my risk to take as a student who goes to the university which is far from my family..
it is a surprise that i've planned before i would go home and gather with my family my old friends in Cirebon and it actually didnt come true..
it is an uncertain that i can celebrate Idul Adha with my families or not, and it is not for this year, how can i know for next year??

really simple examples of risks, surprises, uncertainties of life.. just enjoy them! :)

really miss y'all, anyway!

*) the biggest photo: (from left to right) me, mellina -my cousin-, vemy -my sister-, ika -mellina's sister-
    the 2nd: my beloved kitten, Bedu. and he's dead.. *crying*
    the 3rd: my mom
    the 4th: (from right to left) ika, me, ayu -my cousin-
    the 5th: mellina! it's her! i dunno i just like this photo, she's damn cool~ haha!

Monday, November 15, 2010

mau curhat, tapi malu..



dasar kau menyedihkan, Lintaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang~

im just a pathetic..
lost in desperation..
and unforgiven!

ah, begitukah??
kamu juga berpikir begitu ya??

*makanya confirm dong!

aku ingin berpuisi lagi untukmu

aku ingin berpuisi

menelan bayangmu
hingga muntahku merindu*

terlalu merindu
tak kah kau lihat bibirku membiru?

dingin oleh sepi
terbunuh, hampir mati..

aku ingin berpuisi

aku hanya ingin berpuisi lagi untukmu.

note: *) a lyric of my friend's -Ihya Ulumuddin-

Sunday, November 14, 2010


after all, i myself who decide my own destiny..

no one who can force us to move or change BUT ourselves.. it's just kinda wasting your time to ask for or wait for someone to force yet change ourselves. trust me!

we, ourselves, who responsible for our own lives..

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Train-If It's Love

hei2, im coming back again bringing some lyrics i heart! ahhaa..

now, it's Train's turn with If It's Love. hmm, from the first time i read the title, i've assumed that the song would be as sweet as the title, and I AM RIGHT! haha..

i think the lyrics will beat Daniel Beddingfield's up, since i always consider Daniel's lyrics as the most romantic lyrics ever.. tee-hee! and Train appears on their latest album: Save Me, San Fransisco with the song.. check these lyrics out:

While everybody else is getting out of bed
I'm usually getting in it
I'm not in it to win it
And there's a thousand ways you can skin it

My feet have been on the floor
Flat like an Idol singer
Remember Winger
I digress
I confess you are the best thing in my life

But I'm afraid when I hear stories
About a husband and wife
There's no happy endings
No Henry Lee
But you are the greatest thing about me

If it's love
And we decide that it's forever
No one else could do it better
If it's love
And we're two birds of a feather
Then the rest is just whatever
And if I'm addicted to loving you
And you're addicted to my love too
We can be them two birds of a feather
That flock together
Love, love
Got to have something to keep us together
Love, Love
That's enough for me

Took a loan on a house I own
Can't be a queen bee without a bee throne
I wanna buy ya everything
Except cologne
'cause it's poison
We can travel to Spain
where the rain falls mainly on the plain
Sounds insane
'cause it is we can laugh we can sing
Have ten kids and give them everything
Hold our cell phones up in the air
And just be glad we made it here alive
On a spinning ball in the middle of space
I love you from your toes to your face

You can move in
I won't ask where you've been
'cause everybody has a past
When we're older
We'll do it all over again

When everybody else is getting out of bed
I'm usually getting in it
I'm not in it to win it
I'm in it for you
haha. very sweet! :)

jangan menunggu sampai tidak ada..

inspired by a friend's note in Facebook (see here.)

menyesal, perasaan yang akhirnya muncul setelah 'tidak ada'..
semoga tidak terjadi pada kita, makanya jangan pernah sungkan buat bilang 'terima kasih' atau 'love you' atau "sorry' atau semua yang ingin disampaikan kepada orang2 yang kita cintai..

apalagi untuk orang tua kita..

iya, temenku yang jadi rujukan utama tulisan ini yang note FBnya aku share di sini, MERASAKAN hal itu. dan aku bisa tebak, pasti rasanya itu MENYESAKKAN..

iya, gimana nggak? pas kita belom sempet sharing our thanks for them, sebelom kita sempet sadar kalo mereka itu sangaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat baik dan peduli sama kita, sebelom kita sempet bilang betapa kita cinta mereka, sebelom kita sempet minta maaf kesalahan2 kita ke mereka, sebelom kita sempet ngebales semua yang mereka udah kasih ke kita (dan kita nggak akan pernah bisa ngebales setimpal sama yang udah dikasih), sebelom akhirnya kita sadar betapa besar cinta mereka kepada kita..

nggak cuman orang tua aja ya? pokonya semua orang yang sayang dan cinta sama kita, jangan pernah terlambat menyadari kalo mereka tulus melakukannya.. jadi, secepatnya ayooo sampaikan kalo kita pun begitu.. :)

waaaaaaaaaaaaaahh, indahnyaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ 

keep your spirit up, Ohan Nurohman! :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

walah, jalan2?! enyak banget lu, Yus!

liat berita kemaren2 sampe sekarang, selaen berita2 bencana yang lagi 'rajin' banget nyamperin Indonesia, ada juga nih berita rame tentang si Gayus alias yang lebih sering dikenal sebagai 'mafia pajak' yang punya gaji 12juta sebulan tapi bisa punya rumah harganya milyaran dalam jangka waktu yang sebentar lantaran dia kerjanya juga baru.. WOW, mejiiiikk!! haha..

berrita yang lagi happening sih berita si Gayus ngacir nonton tenis di Bali.. pake wig plus kacamata gituh, pikir penyamaran dia udah oke kali yaaa? but sorry, u've been caught, Big Boy!! haha. ya iyalah, nyamar koq pipi ma idung lu kagak lu kecilin dulu?? *ngakak*

heran ya? koq bisa gitu tahanan yang harusnya ditahan di jakarta, ujug2 bisa ada di bali.. popotoan jeung nongton tenis, geura! wow, mejik kaaaann? dia bisa ilmu mejik rupanya!

miris euy.. ironis juga. lah katanya ditahan koq ternyata udah ampir 3x keluar 'jalan2' gitu? kayaknya sih duit dia yang bisa bikin dia gampang buat 'ngilang' or 'muncul' dimanapun dia suka.. atau pa pulisi-nya yang 'gak waspada'?? o owww, begitukah?

Yus, Yuuusss, enak bener yak jadi elu? lagi ditahan juga bisa ke Bali.. lah, gue?? yang bebas2 aja belom pernah tuh ke Bali.. tar mah kalo mu kesana, ajak2 ngapa sih? *curcol

HUAHAHA!! ih, kamu gayus dehh.. *jayus, maksudnya*

it stains hurts! but, WE ARE the SURVIVORS!!

it has been almost more than two weeks since an earthquake and tsunami 'slapped' Mentawai on around October 26, 2010.. but it stains hurts! for the people there.. for Indonesia..

i still cant imagine what i will do if i myself experience it.. frightening. yea, it is!
and sadly, Mentawai as a beautiful resort and is considered as surfers' nirvana from around the globe, should be slapped by this killing tsunami..

just take a look at the pic i've showed you here, retrieved from here.

and the scenery is so DAMN cool! it is really a nirvana.. and on October 26, 2010 this place changed to be a horrible place in some minutes only! yea, the worst minutes in life, i think, of the locals there or whoever were there.. just take a look at the pic from satellite after the tsunami, and i've got the pic from here. the nirvana turned into a horrible place..

the city's damaged, many people died and victimized, those who survived live in refugee camps which sometimes the condition is bad and lack of everything.. children are starving, they cant go to school for some times, people lost their jobs, houses, families.. and everything they love!

i can see, however, LOVE also keeps them to survive and smile.. just take a look at this pic below, i've got it from here.

ah, children always bring happiness everywhere. their smiles, their behaviors, their braveries, just everything.. :) they are survivors!

LOVE unites everything. the volunteers, anyway, are the most adorable, amazing, GREAT people of all.. their loves bring new hopes for everyone there..
and as i quoted an amazing words from the best friend of mine who quoted it also from Adam Young's Tidal Waves, tee-hee:
i dont need a telescope to see that there's a hope.. :)
yea, be happy, Kiddos! ah, today's Nov 12, wish a HAPPY birthday for my beloved sister.. wish u all the best luck, may Allah blesses u always.. aammiinn.. :))

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

lakukan saja, karena doa dan usaha tak pernah ada batasnya


lakukan, hadapi, akhirnya juga bakal dilewatin koq.. 

heu, jadi keingetan iklan rokok gituh, tapi aku lupa rokok apa. tagline-nya bagus deh: 

selama jantung berdetak, tantangan hidup tak akan pernah berhenti.
hanya ada satu hal: HADAPI!

gokil ya? haha.
iya, hadapin aja. apapun itu. karena judul postingan ini: doa dan usaha gak pernah ada batasnya.. :)

thanks buat Dewi Sri Hartanti yang kasih kata2 itu.. SEMANGAT!! :))


this is one of MCR's songs i love the most (yea, that's why i post lyrics i LOVE in this 'i heart these lyrics' label, tee-hee!). the song is available on The Black Parade album which was launched in 2006.
i dont know, i suddenly remember this song and realize how i LOVE the lyrics!

just keep reading the lyrics, even DEATH cant make the 'I' (in the song) stop loving people around her/him..
hmmm, how nice! :)

Turn away,
If you could get me a drink
Of water 'cause my lips are chapped and faded
Call my aunt Marie
Help her gather all my things
And bury me in all my favorite colors,
My sisters and my brothers, still,
I will not kiss you,
'Cause the hardest part of this is leaving you.

Now turn away,
'Cause I'm awful just to see
'Cause all my hairs abandoned all my body,
Oh, my agony,
Know that I will never marry,
And baby, I'm just soggy from the chemo,
We're counting down the days to go
It just ain't living
And I just hope you know

That if you say (if you say)
Goodbye today (goodbye today)
I'll ask you to be true (cause I'll ask you to be true)

'Cause the hardest part of this is leaving you
'Cause the hardest part of this is leaving you
read the last part i highlighted more and more! kyaaaaaaaaaaaaayy~ it proves how death is something CERTAIN that will come to us and the hardest part of this is leaving everyone we love..

Saturday, November 6, 2010

we'll never know

so, how would it be when our world turns to all black and we cant see any colors anymore?

dedicated to a friend of mine. yea, i dont know how it would be..

biarlah aku dikata apa,
aku tak peduli.
karena yang aku tahu,
aku sempurna dalam kegelapan yang pekat ini.

catatan kaki:
hehe, bingung pengen nulis yang 'gaya-nya' gimana pas mau nyampein betapa sempurnanya temen aku yang *maaf* tunanetra. dan aku baru tahu ternyata kebutaan itu unik lho! nggak yang cuman totally blind aja alias yang bisa dilihat cuma gelap aja (disini kasusnya temen aku). tapi ada juga yang kayak half blind gitu, misalnya bisa liat benda2 jauh tapi yang malah deket gak bisa. atau bisa liat jelas pas malem, malah siang gak bisa. unik kan ya? malah sering juga aku liat mereka pulang sendirian, naek angkot pula. and they're always safe! dan temenku itu, malah sering disebrangin preman2 terminal Ledeng yang lagi mabok dan katanya mereka itu baik2!
ya, itulah Tuhan dengan segala kesempurnaanNYA menciptakan semua dengan tanpa kecacatan dan kesia2an.. :) *loh? nyambung gak sih? hehe.. :P

Friday, November 5, 2010

sorry for the inconvenience..

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeii! sometimes we adore someone who ignores us, and ignore someone who adores us..

weird! yea, that's love. this 4-letter simple word means a massive complicated thing!


see? i even dont know what actually i want to write here.. *sigh*
i have to agree with my facebook's status update some days ago (yea, of course! i've posted it myself, anyway):

when your brain stops working,
it means you're in love.
am i??
argh, goddamned it!!!

wah, idup itu UANG ya?

iyalah, gimana nggak? coba itu liat ke seluruh negara di dunia, ukuran layak apa nggaknya idup warga negara tuh diliatnya darimana? dari 'garis' doang. iya, GARIS KEMISKINAN. yang idup dalam kategori 'di bawah garis kemiskinan' ya dianggep gak idup layak (bukan gak layak idup, ya?). tragis! udah mah nyakitin hati dapet predikat gitu, ukurannya juga cuman perkara 'garis' doang..

iya kan? kalo orang udah disebut idup gak layak, lama2 mereka tuh: gak layak idup.
jelas lah..
orang idup kan butuh makan, beli makan butuh uang. kalo idupnya aja udah dijudge 'di bawah garis kemiskinan', mereka itu cari uang untuk makan butuh KERJA KERAS. pontang-panting gak keruan. banting tulang banting daging. cape ngos2an. dapet uang buat beli makannya gak seberapa, energi yang dikeluarin gila2an, gak heran banyak kecelakaan kerja terjadi (banyak juga yang mati) lantaran kendornya konsentrasi akibat kurang gizi! waaaaaaaaaaaaa~

ah, tapi langsung inti aja: yang miskin yang SELALU jadi korban, ternyata! ada bencana alam yang sama sekali bukan kehendak siapapun, kecuali The God Almighty, yang miskin yang JADI korban. ada tabung gas mleduk trus ngebakar rumah yang katanya gara2 kualitas tabungnya yang jelek, yang miskin yang JADI korban. ada banjir bandang yang katanya gara2 hutan udah pada gundul, yang miskin yang JADI korban. ada inflasi ekonomi yang katanya dampak krisis global, yang miskin yang JADI korban. ada free trade yang katanya artinya tuh pasar bebas, yang miskin yang bakal JADI korban. masa bahkan kalo ada pemilu juga, yang miskin lagi yang mau JADI KORBAN?

buat aku, semua tadi ujungnya gak jaoh gara2 yang namanya U.A.N.G...
toh kalo yang miskin udah gak miskin lagi alias punya uang (banyak), hal2 kayak gitu gak akan tuh menimpa mereka. emangnya pernah liat orang2 kaya yang jadi korban gara2 hal2 yang aku sebutin di atas? ah, aku gak yakin..
kalo kena bencana, rumah mereka kan gak cuman 1, bisa 'ngungsi' ke rumah2 mereka yang laen. tabung mleduk? gak mungkin, kan gak level gituloh masak pake tabung 3kg. kebanjiran gara2 hutan gundul? ow oww, yang sering ngegundulin emangnya siapa?? *pura2 tanya*. kalo inflasi, tenang aja tabungan masih ber-dollar2. apalagi cuman ada free trade doang, malah makin semangat belanja! haha. pemilu?? hmmm, rame ya kalo pemilu? pada sibuk calonin diriiii, deh.. PHEW!

iya. uang.
sadar gak sih kayaknya kita2 gak bisa apa2 tanpa UANG buat idup? nggak usah ngomongin buat hal2 yang pokok deh (buat makan, pakaian, tempat tinggal). hal2 yang sifatnya 'hedon' alias keduniawian juga tiba2 jadi 'hal pokok' di jaman sekarang. orang2 jadi konsumtif. nggak muna deh aku, contohnya aja kalo pulsa buat internetan abis masa aktifnya, mau ngutang dulu kek pasti aku jadiin demi bisa internetan lagi. contoh kecil tuh. mungkin yang laen bisa lebih 'hedon' lagi? hehe. :P

ya, itu. see what i mean? jadi seolah2 uang ngontrol idup kita. mungkin bisa dibilang, idup ya uang. nggak punya uang? siap2 kegilas. siap2 menderita. siap2 nggak keren. siap2 JADI KORBAN.


ah, jadi serem sendiri.. *ngebayangin idup kita dikontrol uang, uuhh amit2 deh*


other (Bahasa Indonesia) lyrics i heart.. and again, it is unnecessary to translate it into English, right? *grin*
what else in the world prettier than this /rif lyrics? entitled '1', it's easy to remember as easy as i FALL in love with the song.. :)

here it goes..
Hanya ada satu warna disini
Hanya ada satu rasa disini
Kita sama jadi satu disini
Tidak beda antara kita
Tak bijaksana kita curiga
Bukankah kita semua sama?
Rasakan indahnya
Damai yang tercipta yang tercipta
Rasakan nikmatnya
Damai yang tercipta untuk kita
Kita bisa tuk slalu saling cinta
Tanpa ada rasa kita berbeda
Kita semua jadi satu di sini
Tidak beda antara kita
see? the lyrics are so beautiful!
reminding us that WE ARE the same.
remember what Churchill said? ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL.

and LOVING one another is an easy, simple, BEAUTIFUL thing.. :)

love you all, Friends!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010








Tuesday, November 2, 2010

hi, i am Lintang. and i am a [terrible] tourist guide. haha.. :D

gladly and firstly, i would like to thank my neighbor who brought luck for me! :DD

thanks Ibu Mbak Ita for asking me to be your instant-tourist-guide for accompanying your foreign-friends today.. :)

yea, it's just like a dream comes true for me. not a dream, mmm what is the suitable word for a great-desire-to-talk-to-foreign-tourists-directly syndrome? HAHA! yea, technically, as a tool for me to practice my English.. :P

then, here we go! i meet two Swiss girls, Patricia and Jasmine. Patricia is a nice tall girl with curly brown hair. she's just pretty! and she can speak English. Jasmine is Pat's friend. she's cute. her two front teeth look like a rabbit teeth. hha. just cute. unfortunately, she cant speak English, except 'thank you' and 'sorry'. she's a truly Swiss, maybe. :D

yea, we travel around Cirebon. going around to many vacation resorts which, honestly, i myself as a truly Cirebonese hasnt been there yet. haha. terrible. just terrible. it makes me look stupid in front of them because i cant explain anything about those beautiful places. haha. just silly..

we visit Curug Sidomba - with a little waterfall there (too little, i think, to be called as a waterfall)-, Cipaniis hot spring pool, Pasawahan fish pond - and all of the names are weird to hear for me, tee-hee!
we enjoy the scenery, the people, the places, and the rain also. yea, the weather isnt really good for doing a trip. we get wet all day. haha.

but we enjoy it very much, of course.. :)

Pat tells me about Switzerland's culture. how it looks different, totally different from the culture in Indonesia - of course! and she's been asked many questions about her marriage: even she has got married yet or not, her boyfriend, and any 'private' questions that are usually sound impolite for Western people but they're normal here, in Indonesia, to be asked about.

they're just nice. because her parents had lived in Indonesia, it was in Cirebon, and they had a housemaid who took care of Pat when she was a baby, we also visit her and her family. even Pat gives her many souvenirs from Switzerland. how sweet! :)

taking photographs, of course it's a MUST! unfortunately, she keeps all the photographs and i dont. so i cant show them off here.. tee-hee! they both love traveling a lot. they spend a month in Indonesia, and have been in Jakarta, Bandung, Bogor and Cirebon so far. Yogyakarta, Mount Bromo, Lombok and Bali are their next destinations. wow! tough girls~

yea, it is really NICE! even i post this posting in Present Tense. because i want this experience becomes the truly true facts. and i dont want to forget it even in a matter of Grammar.. :)

and suddenly when i talk to them, i feel Europe is really CLOSE. it seems right there in front of my eyes. ah, Europe! someday i'll CONQUER you!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

mari bercinta-SO7

i'm really in love with the lyrics! >.</
it's sweet, toooooooooo sweet, i guess.. :D
yea, that's what SO7 (Sheila on 7) always do: making great songs with great, cute, sweet lyrics.. :)

the lyrics are in Bahasa Indonesia and i cant translate then. cuz i'm afraid i'll reduce the essential meanings SO7 want to deliver for their fans.. tee-hee! *another safe way to avoid calling myself as a terrible translator*
this Mari Bercinta song is available on their 07Des album in 2002..
Saat kau proleh rasa dalam makna cinta
dan hiraukan semua angkaraa...
hanya satu buah kitab yang kami jawabkan
terlalu banyak cinta kan binasa
yang indah kau rasa
yang manis kau beri
walau itu hanya sementaraaa..
lihat dirimu... semakin jauh mengayuh
lewati segala tujuan hidup yang mungkin kau tempuh
tentukan yang utama yang satu kau cinta
kan jadi teman hidup yg setiaa..
the last verse is the lyrics iHEARTmost!
yea, such a decision to love the one and only we love, and she/he will be our soul mate forever~
Marilyn Manson 3