Saturday, January 22, 2011

apa kabarnya, Cinta?

oh my goodness.. it's been a VERY LONG LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG TIME i didnt login to my weblog.. kinda miss it sooooooooooooooooooo~

gee! since i couldnt post photos and anything through my weblog, i'd decided to stop blogging.. *i got bored also, actually*
haha! it sounded silly.. but that's I AM.. :D

nope, i mean, it distracted me when i couldnt post images or photos in my weblog.. i WANTED to post them at that time, then i faced some problems here..
i just couldnt post them! i'd tried to post them many times.. i'd kept posting and failing all at once.. i was at my wits end!! x(

hehe. then i'd given up.. stop blogging, back to facebooooookk.. HAHA! :p
it was strange at first.. u know, i'd been in my burning spirit in blogging.. posting, posting and posting.. i even remember i can post THREE postings in a day!! haha.. silly~

yea, it's normal, anyway..
you know, when you have a crush on somebody, you are in a lovestruck, one thing you ALWAYS wanna do is KEEPING HER/HIM IN YOUR MIND, YOUR SIDE, YOUR HEART, YOUR EVERYTHING! haha, am i right?? yea, you always wanna know everything she/he does: EVERYTIME!

me too.. :3
i mean, for my weblog.. it was my first love in blogging, i started blogging in the middle of September 2010, i felt in love spontaneously.. i kept posting ANYTHING on my mind.. then the disaster CAME! i couldnt post images *i consider it as a disaster also in a relationship between a girl and a boy, lol*, i started getting bored, then I LEFT IT!

MUAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!! kinda relationship, right? TOTALLY! first time you get this lovestruck, anything SEEMS good, beautiful, smooth, lots of fun.. even you cant live without her/him *for instance, tee-hee!*
a month, two months, three months: everything starts to be clear that SHE/HE IS like this, this, this, this *in a bad way* and you start to fed up in facing her/him.. HAHA!!
then, finally, WE SHOULD BREAK UP, darl..

it doesnt always look like that simple, anyway.. im talking about me and my weblog, anyway.. haha~ :p

hmm, it is true, anyway, that the first week of a relationship always SEEMS good, beautiful, smooth, lots of fun.. i dont give any warranty after that! *lol

so, happy blogging! hope i'll not get bored anymore with you, my weblog.. *love love*


  1. pertamaxx....!!
    *ikut meramaikan sajja*

  2. Im fine cinta...hehehheee..ditunggu kunjungan baliknya ya cinta....hehheeee

  3. Salam kenal :D kunjungan saya yang pertama


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