Monday, January 24, 2011

some cats, some stories.. x)

ah, im back in blabbering and sharing many things i heart..
seems unnecessary to publish, but WHATEVER! it's my blog anyway.. *lol

first thing i HEART most is a CAT.. yea, what else?? i've been falling in love with this CUTEST creature on the planet since i was a little kid.. i dont know, i just fall in love with cats.. they are cute.. :3

her name is NCIL.. from KECIL, hehe! :D
she is my first cat's daughter.. my first old cat's name is Babol a.k.a mbol.. it is a HE.. i've been keeping him since i was on junior high school.. hmm, almost 11 years! how old he is.. haha~
he WAS so cute, but not anymore.. :( he's old and slow and his fur are terrible now.. *his kids are cuter, actually* :p

i dont have any photos of Babol.. there is no cute pic of him.. *how poor you are.. :D* but i LOVE him so.. he has the REAL NINE LIVES of cats! for sure!! because i have had two kittens and they all died.. :(( they ate something mixed with rats poison.. Babol ate them also, but UNBELIEVABLY he is strong enough against the poison! awesome.. hehe.. :D

his name is Bedu.. and he DIED.. ToT
yea, this Bedu was considered as eating some food contained those rats poison.. it was kinda great grief when i knew Bedu died.. because i didnt at home when he died.. i love him so! my aunt gave him to my family to keep, but he died after a month only at my house.. goddamned!! he was so cute, Folks.. actually, i have another kitten who died also.. he was Ncil's brother, his name is Belang..
his name is Belang.. he died also! T_T
the second kitten my family and i had kept and finally he DIED.. huhu! Ncil's sibling.. Babol's another son.. he wasnt that cute, but we love him.. although he was a bit annoying if we were eating, haha! but that's cute attitude, isnt it?? sweet memories about both of them :)
another kitten my family and i were about to keep was PUSCIL.. or mpus kecil.. haha! yea, i know kinda boring name.. :D
puscil, i dont know but he is chihuahua look-alike.. HAHA!
this Puscil was a naughty kitten! it was very naughty and i couldnt stand of his attitude.. haha! but he was cute.. always! his eyes were blue.. for sure, they were blue! hho~
but no one couldnt stand of his attitude.. :D he was sent back home after 2 weeks only lived at mine.. *sobs*

afterall, there are three cats now my family and i keep.. Belang Jr, Babol and Ncil.. heheh!
love them all~ :3

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