Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011, finally im posting something [again!] :D

woo-hoo! 2010 becomes a history..
history of anything happened to our lives..

good or bad, happy or sad, EVERYTHING was worth well :)

a friend of mine sent me a new year message, and really love the line he arranged it..
in Bahasa, okay.. ;)

Tuliskan rencanamu dengan sebuah pensil, tapi berikan penghapusnya pada Tuhan..
izinkan Dia menghapus bagian2 yang SALAH dan menggantikan dengan rencanaNYA yang indah..
very sweet~ :)
yea, sometimes we, as HUMANS, feel that EVERYTHING we think AS GOOD FOR US means GOOD FOR US..
as a matter of fact, IT WILL NOT BE THAT GOOD FOR US based on God's plans..
and EVERYTHING we think AS BAD FOR US, it CAN BE THE BEST thing we have to face.. :)

soooooooooo, happy new year, Fellas!!
may ALL good THINGS that God says IT IS GOOD ALSO, will come to us in this blessing year.. :))

*ouch, it's been a looooooooooonng time i havent posted something here.. due to technical error! *sigh~


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