Tuesday, December 28, 2010

my ASSignments TO DO~ *sigh

1. A paper of Critiquing of Translating and Interpreting Literary Works course (ah, forgot the material!! haha~ hmm, what should i DO with this damn task, eh?? *weeping* somebody please help me~) due date: Jan 10, 2010

2. A paper of Discourse Analysis course (hmm, my group chooses Discourse Grammar.. i dont know about the execution.. HAHA! *sigh) due date: Jan 11, 2010

3. A paper of Critical Analysis of Prose course (making an essay.. YAY~ an essay.. the literature one.. 750 words min. HELL YEAH!! do it, L~) due date: Jan 12, 2010

4. A paper of Critical Discourse Analysis course (Using van Dijk's theory.. ah!! what the?! -__-" yea, i take Linguistics, yea i know i CHOSE my destiny, but CDA really kills me~), due date: Jan 13, 2010

5. A paper of Historical Linguistics course (i've prepared the materials.. *trust me! huhu~), due date: Jan 13, 2010

*hope THEY will OVER soon.. these matter always torture me..
aaahhh, keep my spirit burniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnggg~ >.

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