Monday, February 6, 2012

welcoming the new family :3

ih, butut kieu pic-na :( AH, yang penting CUTE xDDD
hihi, yea! i've got two new kittens from my neighbor :3

they are planning to throw the kittens out somewhere :(
mendingan diadopsi deh daripada dibuang gitu kan yaa?? soalnya mereka udah punya kucing cukup banyak..

SIX CATS! :D kalo ditambah si dua ini, jadi delapan deh :D
too busy to take care of all of them, TWO should be dumped :(

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, aku ambil aja :3 lagian lucu koq hihihi xD

one kitten is yellowish brown, and the other one is BLACK!! i repeat it: IT'S ALL BLACK xDDD

OMfG! it's such my dream to own a PURE BLACK CAT and it comes true now!! huahahahha xD

lucu aja punya kucing item :D like a witch :3

jadilah, si yellowish brown *a bit pale* aku namain Bule alias BulBul :3 *aaahh, such a cute naaaaaaaaaammeeee, for me :p* en yang pure black aku namain Ireng!! HAHAH, it's Javanese and it means 'black' :D

jadilah si BulBul en si Ireng resmi officially become a part of my family :3 #NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~

here is the pic of them :3 *tapi agak2 ngga fokus, ngga jelas, blur, butut en laen sebagainya =..= maklum ngga punya DSLR, itu juga diambil malem pic-nya.. later on i'll post the clear ones xD*

Bonjournooooooooooooo, Bul-Bul et Ireng!! HYAHAHAHAHHA xDDD

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