Sunday, October 17, 2010

exhausted, BZ day! kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy!! o(>o<)o

this Sunday really squeezed my body, my soul, my legs and my money all at once! haha.

how couldnt it be? i slept late at night last night, and i HAD TO wake up early in the morning due to my-duty-as-a-tenant-to-do-a-laundry program was waiting for almost a day in a case i soaked them since 22 hours ago and do not ask how stink they were! *thank God i didnt faint at them, anyway.

and lucky me, it wasnt the end of these suffers: i had to teach English at 8 a.m. GOSH!! i took a bath in hurry - i even didnt remember how fast i took a bath, less than 6 minutes, i guess. i ran quickly to dress quite smartly look for this course, i even almost was confused to wear this with that or to match that with this or to iron that then it will suit this, and this with that or that with this for almost 10 minutes until i realized that it was 15 minutes left to EIGHT!! waaaaaaaaaa~~

a bit get panicked, i eventually worn a skirt-i've-worn-yesterday-that-was-hung-at-the-hanger and a long shirt with a cardigan. sooo simple. so, what should i was confused at, actually? *weird

the day ran quickly, it was at 9.30 when i got there. i even couldnt distinguish i was teaching or babbling at the time. too many students asked me this asked me that, shouted this shouted that. it made me a bit dizzy and FRUSTRATED. but i still enjoyed it. haha. moreover, there was a good looking boy out of my class and fortunately he sat at the perfect seat - where i could glance him easily as many as i wanted, tee-hee. i taught my students for almost 2 hours then we had to stop because it was duhur. *thank God i could do a prayer and considered it as me-relaxation-time for a while*

phew!! now i'm at my lovely, cozy and shabby boarding room, again. typing and posting this, havent got me-relaxation-time even for a while, cuz it is ASAR! and i have to gather with my presentation members for Critical Discourse Analysis course to a whatchamacallit one of those activities to babble about the materials in front of class by YOURSELF.. *sigh*

welcome to my life!! huhu.

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