Sunday, October 31, 2010

andrea hirata LOVES me! haha..


yea, Andrea Hirata seems loving me! he really loves me, indeed.. ::tongue::

he uses two names related to me: Lintang (i was born with that name!) and Enong (i dont know how Andrea pronounces it exactly, is it Enong which the E is read similar to the first E of the word Temper? or is it similar to the second E? ah, i dont give a damn to this. the point is: Enong (the E is pronounced as the second E of Temper) is my nickname when i was a child - until now, actually! i am called as Enong for sure. HAHA.

what a nice happen, right? yea, surely! :D

of course, the story of Andrea has made up is not like my life story. firstly, i am not a boy - Lintang is a boy in Andrea's story. i am not as smart as him, too. haha! Enong is a girl, but i am not as tough as her.

Andrea Hirata always has this magic words power. his books are all masterpieces. he tells a story about the bitter sweet of life and i always HEART his styles - the indefinable ones!

and this Enong character appears on his latest book, Padang Bulan and Cinta di Dalam Gelas. honestly, i've just got the book (thanks for Pherrow, you've lent me this precious book! hha~). and i've just read about 40 pages. i've found those three words my pal had sent me a text: Sacrifice, Honesty, Freedom. haha. silly me, i've recognized it recently! hey, buddy, if you read my post here, i'll say to you: i know what you mean! haha.

from the beginning, i dont want to talk about Andrea's works here. i just want to show my admiration to my parents who had given such those names for me. cause, from now on, my names have been well-known around the globe!

pssssttt, thanks for Andrea Hirata, too, who unintentionally used those names.. ;)
keep writing, Abang!

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