Friday, October 22, 2010

hey, here we are! in this beautiful world.. in this beautiful LIFE.. :)

yea, havent you realized that this world and life is DEFINITELY beautiful?
i havent!

until on this Fiday - a day-off of mine - i woke up early in the morning, a bit slow in doing everything. i've just realized that those roosters in front of my boarding room have some kind 'pretty sound'.

yea, for sure! i've even forgotten already when the last time those roosters crow. i dont know, whether the roosters die or what so i cant hear their crows, or maybe it is my hearing-sense that DIES so it is hard for me to hear those nice sounds?

i've been a super-busy-body these recent semester. i admit it! my life goes fast, even faster and faster day by day: move fast, or i'll die.
yea, hectic days. i have no enough time anymore to give a heed of the roosters crow, of the trees shook by the wind, of the Sky looks bright, of the butterflies fly around the flowers, of short texts remind me something trivial, of lovely books i ignore, of walking slowly, of shopping, of relaxing my body and mind, of anything (beautiful)..

my activities occupy all these!

but not anymore, start on this bright shiny Friday, i realize that the world is really beautiful. do the things i do: walk slower than you usually do. take a look at the trees you've found closely. take a closer and closer look of the trunks, the leaves, the branches, the small birds on them, the shaking leaves, the ants crawl on the trunks, the fungus. just everything! you'll realize suddenly this world is just PERFECTLY created. this world is just PERFECTLY pretty.. :)

yea, give a sec for walking slower than you usually do, and pay attention to anything around you. you'll realize you're not alone. you'll realize you're lucky. you'll realize you're not the one who suffer, you'll realize you're better, you'll realize you're PERFECT..

perfect in a sense of WE'RE created perfectly by our God. all we have is THE BEST we can own. all we face (bad or good in life) is something that we'll reveal the MEANINGS someday. and they will be THE BEST, always. so do the world: it is just created PERFECTLY perfect. for a place of us to learn, understand, realize that IT IS LIFE: enjoy its every sequence, you'll reveal the mystery later.. :)

YEA!!! I heart MY LIFE SO. I heart THIS WORLD SO. what a wonderful world. SUBHANALLAH!


  1. beautiful posting, Lint!
    melakukan sesuatu (hal duniawi) yang sama berulang-ulang adalah sesuatu yang sangat membosankan!! hahaha

    I won't let myself missed of this beatiful world. :)

  2. haha.. thank youuuu, Skilef.. :))

    yea, give attention to ur surroundings, u'll realize soon about EVERYTHING! :D


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