Tuesday, March 29, 2011

last weekend around the clowns :)

hehe, i want to show my pics off here :D

last week, echie, dwi, vaika and i went to Ciwalk and there was an event there.. woo-hoo! we are EVENT HUNTERS!! :D

i bought magnum also there.. tee-hee! *and the taste wasnt as AMAZING as the ad!*
sigh -,-

and the price wasnt cheap, folks!! *curcol pisssaaannn, heu! :p

mmm, the point is i CAN TAKE SOME PHOTOGRAPHS wid some clowns xD
yipppiiiiiiiiiiieeee!! :D
me, around the clowns :D
this one is echie and the clowns :D ooppss! that yellow one is HAHAHAH xD try to kiss'er
echie n dwi, they were peeping at somebody downstairs :D STALKERS! hahah
me n echie, we're twins! *then echie HITS me! xD lol
this one, of course, is me! wid silly pose :D am i good?? am i??? ;) lol

yea, finally we just strolled away at ciwalk, and didnt buy anything because we didnt have any money!! xD
these pix are enough ;)

luv y'all, fellas :D

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