Tuesday, March 8, 2011

there is a hell, believe me i've seen it. there is a heaven, let's keep it a secret.

hehe. this is the title of Bring Me the Horizon 2010 new album :D
i started falling in love with this band when a friend of mine told me about Ollie cs, approximately almost 2 years ago :D

he gave me an album of this BMTH, Count Your Blessings, his debut album :D
i dont know, i thought that the album was cool enough.. as a matter of fact i prefer Slipknot to BMTH xD

and Ollie strikes back with BMTH latest album: There is a hell. Believe me i've seen it. There is a heaven. Let's keep it a secret..
frankly, i HEART this album more :D

i think, BMTH serves me something emotional *and they're not EMO, actually haha* more..
some tracks of this album SAY so!! haha. such as Dont Go, Memorial, Blessed With A Curse, Crucify Me, It Never Ends.. those what i think :D
i even dont understand anything about music.. i just enjoy them xD and it's not a big sin, rite?

hmm, i HEART Slipknot's vocalist voice more than Ollie's actually ;)

yea, i wont talk about Slipknot or BMTH too much here.. i dont really know them, anyway *LOL
im just their fan, the lame one ;)


Slipknot Masks, terrifying me always, but i LOVE slipknot xD

BMTH, Ollie is TOTALLY cute xD

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