Monday, November 1, 2010

mari bercinta-SO7

i'm really in love with the lyrics! >.</
it's sweet, toooooooooo sweet, i guess.. :D
yea, that's what SO7 (Sheila on 7) always do: making great songs with great, cute, sweet lyrics.. :)

the lyrics are in Bahasa Indonesia and i cant translate then. cuz i'm afraid i'll reduce the essential meanings SO7 want to deliver for their fans.. tee-hee! *another safe way to avoid calling myself as a terrible translator*
this Mari Bercinta song is available on their 07Des album in 2002..
Saat kau proleh rasa dalam makna cinta
dan hiraukan semua angkaraa...
hanya satu buah kitab yang kami jawabkan
terlalu banyak cinta kan binasa
yang indah kau rasa
yang manis kau beri
walau itu hanya sementaraaa..
lihat dirimu... semakin jauh mengayuh
lewati segala tujuan hidup yang mungkin kau tempuh
tentukan yang utama yang satu kau cinta
kan jadi teman hidup yg setiaa..
the last verse is the lyrics iHEARTmost!
yea, such a decision to love the one and only we love, and she/he will be our soul mate forever~

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