Tuesday, February 1, 2011

being an independent kid~

it is about to be four years for me to be a tenant student.. tee-hee! YAY~ xD

you know, it is the time when you have to continue your study in a different city, live separately with your beloved family, and so on so forth.. and i have been almost four years living separately from my family in order to continue my study, finish my bachelor degree on Linguistics.. :)

oh, gosh~
i even cant believe myself.. i mean, hey! living alone with no relatives at all near you, all of people around you are strangers and it is a new place to conquer~ hoho, sounds too hyperbole.. :p

but it is! i mean, yea it is! the way to build your personalities, to examine how STRONG you are, to reveal something hidden in you, to PROVE that YOU ARE AN INDEPENDENT, STRONG KID.. and at last, you will shout to the world that I AM THE SURVIVOR!!

the power of being a tenant student.. :D
yea, and i feel it myself.. i was 19 when i had to move here. not exactly moving, but i'd spend much much more time in Bandung than in my hometown and with my family..

i was a bit shocked when the first time i moved here. you know, culture shock *although actually im from West Java, also.. haha* language matter *i REFUSE to speak in a traditional language, i LOVE Bahasa Indonesia and ENGLISH much more, HHA~* and et cetera.. weather is not a problem for me, i love the weather very much.. foods?? OF COURSE NOT!! Bandung is just like a food paradise.. hehe~ :D

i admit it, i cried five days every week at night.. haha! silly!! but yea, it was the only way i could do in order to make my heart feel better.. but IT WAS a history.. :D

yep! being a tenant student means being an independent kid.. because i should do everything by myself.. i admit it, i had never washed my clothes by myself, my parent did it to me ALWAYS! starting from 2007 when i had been accepted here, i HAD TO wash my clothes by myself!! haha! at first, i couldnt do it properly.. i just COULDNT have any ideas how to wash clothes properly.. lucky me, a friend of mine at kosan told me so.. hho! thank you very much.. :)

i hate being a tenant student! in a case of looking for foods.. huhu! sometimes im sick of those foods provide by the stalls near my kosan.. it is totally different from the situation at my home.. i mean, at home i can pick the foods anytime i want.. without needing much efforts: just take and GO! hha~ although the foods are COMMON foods and seem boring, but i love it in the sense of its simplicity.. *lol

but 8i dont want to waste these almost four years of being a tenant student.. i've been learning many things! to be an independent kid is the most important thing i've learned so far..
yep! i've been accustomed in doing EVERYTHING ALONE.. by myself.. i cant rely on anybody, anyway.. :)

hmm, one thing i havent learned yet is COOKING~ hho.. i still cant do this one.. take and GO is still my fave one! :D

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