Saturday, February 12, 2011

im thanking Facebook for some reasons :)

yep! i have to thank Facebook for some reasons *thanking Mark Zuckerberg is more precise to do, hehe*

i've been knowing Facebook since 2006.. it was only i knew this cool site.. because i was Friendster user at that time and still loved it :p

i knew Facebook from my older cousin's mag.. i tried to open and access it, then i WAS TOTALLY CONFUSED and DIDNT KNOW WHAT TO DO.. too many boxes, the display was lame and i HAD NO friends at all! haha :D

i had made an account there in around 2006 then i ignored it for a long looooooooooooooooong time! my friends had no idea about it, anyway.. then with whom should i interact with on Facebook? *lol

i dont know precisely when i started to use and access the site and fall in love with it! xD
in 2007, i guess.. it was the first time i entered college's world.. hoho! :D

i remember when there was a friend told me about Facebook and she asked me to make an account there also since she was a newbie and had just already made one, i went to warnet and accessed Facebook..

i tried to register my e-mail and I HAD FORGOTTEN THAT I HAD BEEN REGISTERED MY NAME ON IT A YEAR AGO!! haha, silly.. xD

then i tried to enter the password i usually used, VOILA! i could open my account on Facebook.. :D
yea of course my account was totally empty and i had no friends at all.. :p

there i go! i started to leave Friendster and was busy in collecting friends as many as possible! adding everyone who i completely didnt know, accepting anyone who completely i didnt know also.. haha! *but i HAD already DELETED ALL Facebook users i dont know :D*

hehe! yep, i was totally alay at that time.. xD
i've been almost four years in maintaining my Facebook account :D and it GIVES ME LOTS OF ADVANTAGEOUS for sure!

some reasons why i should thank Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg for his BRILLIANT idea are:
  1. i can REconnect with my old friends.. VERY COOL, indeed! i even can find my elementary school mates, cimon xD, and anybody i recognized from my past :)
  2. i can gain many COOL and the MOST UPDATED info about anything.. starting from education, music, concerts, films, just anything fun stuffs i like :D i just love it!
  3. i can share my ideas, beliefs, cool comments on it and everybody on the planet knows it! haha!
  4. i can read many cool and awesome review or thoughts from my Facebook friends list.. sometimes i've been inspired from them in posting my writings here :)
  5. Facebook tells everybody's feelings in seconds!! haha~ sometimes it becomes some fun when reading people's status updates.. :p they, consciously or unconsciously, tell the world their feelings and secrets!! hoho.. :p
  6. there are some friends whose statuses are great and make me remember my GOD.. huahahha.. moreover, he is cute~ xD *haha! i know i know, the reason why i want to read his status is due to his gorgeous pic xD*
  7. the last thing that makes me should thank Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg is Facebook becomes the source of my final research paper and there is someone helps me in finishing my paper last semester ;) thanks for the help.. :*
yea, overall, Facebook is kinda big help and THE MOST APPROPRIATE PLACE FOR ME to find some fun *in a case of revealing people's secrets, HAHA :p*

thanks a bunch, Mark!

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