Monday, February 21, 2011

walah, LABIL! xD

haha! the use of 'ABEGE LABIL' term is widely spreading out these days :D

makanya, mau ikutan make istilah ini ah buat ngegambarin keadaan aku sekarang2 ini..
im still 16, anyway xD

peterpan-syndrome=TOTALLY REFUSE to grow up, and that's ME ;)

forever young, pokonya sih xD

nah, ini dia aku akhir2 ini.. LABIL~ *tsah! biar kedengeran gahul, gitulohhh :p*
in terms of im in GOOD MOOD and happy this minute, i'll not be anymore in the next 20!! for sure.. HAHAH!

ababil pisan kan?? :D
and it's not kinda thing i should be proud of =,="

hehe, but sometimes i enjoy this.. i mean, when im in a very good mood and happy, i'll be soooo cheerful and it feels like when you are in love with somebody: ALWAYS WANT TO GRIN and LAUGH..
*is it common for falling in love people in grinning and laughing too much?? -,- haha~*

and when i feel terrible, i just feel TERRIBLE :D
haha! ah, nggak penting juga ngumbar gimana perasaan aku kalo lagi feel terrible di sini :p

the point is i wanna be forever young xD
hayaaaaaaaahh, nggak ada gawe ngepos postingan macem gini.. labil banget yak? =,=

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