Friday, February 4, 2011

i think it later on~

this weekend i watched The Green Hornet at BIP.. i dont know the casts but Cameron Diaz..
haha! im not kinda FREAK movie flick.. i just love watching COOL films, or at least some films-considered-to-be-COOL-by-me.. :D

FYI, every film i label as COOL means COOL.. *too much being confident :p*

i love animated and comedy best.. i LOATH horror movies.. i never want to pay the theater for terrifying me during the show.. ah, USELESS! -,-

the green hornet is kinda action with TOO MUCH comedy.. :D *even there is NO kissing scenes*
yep! there is NO kissing scenes for sure.. the film is so great! the effects are totally AWESOME.. i love it.. :)

the jokes are brilliant! i cant stop laughing during the show..
and i realized that the story seems like Megamind.. an animated movie about a villain who tries to be a hero and vice versa.. and both of them are TOTALLY insane in joking~ xD

i love it, TOO MUCH, of course.. :D

hmmm, if there is a good link to download the film, I HAVE TO BE THE FIRST KID WHO DOES IT!! :)

yang belum nonton, ayoooo nonton.. :D

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