Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WARNING: ini bukan catatan cinta--

yep! it is not about love.. although many people will consider this month as LOVE month..
it is February, anyway.. there is Val's Day there.. hoho!

surely, it makes me remember my junior high school time where i usually celebrated this Val's day and it WAS TOTALLY fun.. :p

it was a long time ago, anyway.. tee-hee!
again, it is not about love.. i just remember one day my junior updated her status on Facebook and it was read: sometimes we adore someone who ignores us, and ignore someone who adores us..


you know, it is soooooooooooo us.. oopps, okay.. it is so me.. but im sure most of you will say so.. ;)

yep! when adoring someone who ignores us is twice as fun as ignoring someone who adores us.. and that's the point!! when we prefer adore someone although she/he does not to adore back someone who adores us for sure.. and it becomes such 'FUN'.. :D

i dont know, but i DO it also.. :D

and my friend does it also.. giving all of love she has to someone who completely ignores her and she completely ignores someone who adores her..

COMPLICATED!! yea, that's LOVE, anyway.. haha!

to me, adoring someone who doesnt adore us back makes me on great vibrant! haha.. silly! yea, i know :)
but i'll feel im on a great challenge of something: it is to win his heart.. GYAHAHAHAHAHHAH!! *although most of the stories end in terrible scene, HAHA* :D

nope! i mean, this is a 'heart matter'.. you know, the most honest part of us is our hearts.. and we cant say YES when it says NO.. or vice versa~

ah, sounds complicated.. +.+
the most important point is: everyone will get her/his soulmate, FOR SURE, sooner or later.. :D

*ah, what am i babbling about????* -,-

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