Thursday, November 18, 2010

today is GREAT.. xD

hehe. the hot topics for my blog recently is still about Idul Adha.. :)

yea, although i couldnt celebrate it with my family, at least i've celebrated it with my beloved friends.
we strolled around Bandung, we visited a place which we've never been there before. it's Braga Weg (in Dutch) or Braga Street. the most famous one, and we'd never been there but not today.. :p

Braga Weg is an old city of Bandung where we can see so many old buildings, especially in Dutch styles, and of course take photographs! tee-hee..
the place is really cool! i mean, it's kinda warped time machine where we can be dragged back to the past. yea, it's just cool~ :D

a shot of Braga Weg's Corner
i dont know, i just love the view. with many antique-look street lamps and Heineken's signs everywhere, Braga Weg is just like Paris *although i've never been in Paris before, haha!*
no wonder if Bandung is well known as Parijs Van Java (more or less it means Paris in Java).

me and the antique-look street lamp
i love the style~ xD (i mean, the lamp and the street and everything, but not me.. ahaha).
then we went to the mall.. yea, Bandung is full of malls! although we are in an old-city-look-alike street, it can be definitely 100% sure we can find a mall/malls there.. shopaholics' paradise~

Braga City Walk is designed very 'oldies' and 'somewhere-outta-Indonesia-look-like'..

Braga City Walk (inside)
and the rest of our trip is TAKING PHOTOGRAPHS~ xD

me and Dwi in front of one of stores at Braga Weg
me, Dwi and Dwi's boyfriend glow in the dark!
hey! im the shortest of all! xD
hmm, it's obviously seen that im no one between them! HA-HA! *a single fighter's risk*

yay~ i love the building!!
Dwi and me (waiting Megamind to play)
yea, and finally we've spent our time to watch Megamind (and this animated movie is the MOST idiotic movies i've ever watched! HAHA! i love Roxie's hair, anyway~)

eating at Padang restaurant made us FULL and was closed by went shopping to Pasar Baru.. tee-hee!
just love this Idul Adha.. *in another side, im sad.. ;(

thanks for Dwi Ratnaningdyah and Fitrianto Dedi Vaika.. you, guys, ROCK!! :)


  1. nguahahah....poto yang gelap2aaaann...wkwkwkkw

  2. haahahhaaa..... fotonya degradasi dari yg paling pendekkk+kuyuuussss nyampee k yng paling tinggi ++++ hahahhahahahaaa... LOL

  3. wow wow woooowwww...
    foto yg ber3 itu keren jg..
    hmm,,, lumayan artistik..

    iput: ampe yg plg tinggi++++ endut maksut looooe!!!


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