Friday, November 12, 2010

it stains hurts! but, WE ARE the SURVIVORS!!

it has been almost more than two weeks since an earthquake and tsunami 'slapped' Mentawai on around October 26, 2010.. but it stains hurts! for the people there.. for Indonesia..

i still cant imagine what i will do if i myself experience it.. frightening. yea, it is!
and sadly, Mentawai as a beautiful resort and is considered as surfers' nirvana from around the globe, should be slapped by this killing tsunami..

just take a look at the pic i've showed you here, retrieved from here.

and the scenery is so DAMN cool! it is really a nirvana.. and on October 26, 2010 this place changed to be a horrible place in some minutes only! yea, the worst minutes in life, i think, of the locals there or whoever were there.. just take a look at the pic from satellite after the tsunami, and i've got the pic from here. the nirvana turned into a horrible place..

the city's damaged, many people died and victimized, those who survived live in refugee camps which sometimes the condition is bad and lack of everything.. children are starving, they cant go to school for some times, people lost their jobs, houses, families.. and everything they love!

i can see, however, LOVE also keeps them to survive and smile.. just take a look at this pic below, i've got it from here.

ah, children always bring happiness everywhere. their smiles, their behaviors, their braveries, just everything.. :) they are survivors!

LOVE unites everything. the volunteers, anyway, are the most adorable, amazing, GREAT people of all.. their loves bring new hopes for everyone there..
and as i quoted an amazing words from the best friend of mine who quoted it also from Adam Young's Tidal Waves, tee-hee:
i dont need a telescope to see that there's a hope.. :)
yea, be happy, Kiddos! ah, today's Nov 12, wish a HAPPY birthday for my beloved sister.. wish u all the best luck, may Allah blesses u always.. aammiinn.. :))

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