Tuesday, November 2, 2010

hi, i am Lintang. and i am a [terrible] tourist guide. haha.. :D

gladly and firstly, i would like to thank my neighbor who brought luck for me! :DD

thanks Ibu Mbak Ita for asking me to be your instant-tourist-guide for accompanying your foreign-friends today.. :)

yea, it's just like a dream comes true for me. not a dream, mmm what is the suitable word for a great-desire-to-talk-to-foreign-tourists-directly syndrome? HAHA! yea, technically, as a tool for me to practice my English.. :P

then, here we go! i meet two Swiss girls, Patricia and Jasmine. Patricia is a nice tall girl with curly brown hair. she's just pretty! and she can speak English. Jasmine is Pat's friend. she's cute. her two front teeth look like a rabbit teeth. hha. just cute. unfortunately, she cant speak English, except 'thank you' and 'sorry'. she's a truly Swiss, maybe. :D

yea, we travel around Cirebon. going around to many vacation resorts which, honestly, i myself as a truly Cirebonese hasnt been there yet. haha. terrible. just terrible. it makes me look stupid in front of them because i cant explain anything about those beautiful places. haha. just silly..

we visit Curug Sidomba - with a little waterfall there (too little, i think, to be called as a waterfall)-, Cipaniis hot spring pool, Pasawahan fish pond - and all of the names are weird to hear for me, tee-hee!
we enjoy the scenery, the people, the places, and the rain also. yea, the weather isnt really good for doing a trip. we get wet all day. haha.

but we enjoy it very much, of course.. :)

Pat tells me about Switzerland's culture. how it looks different, totally different from the culture in Indonesia - of course! and she's been asked many questions about her marriage: even she has got married yet or not, her boyfriend, and any 'private' questions that are usually sound impolite for Western people but they're normal here, in Indonesia, to be asked about.

they're just nice. because her parents had lived in Indonesia, it was in Cirebon, and they had a housemaid who took care of Pat when she was a baby, we also visit her and her family. even Pat gives her many souvenirs from Switzerland. how sweet! :)

taking photographs, of course it's a MUST! unfortunately, she keeps all the photographs and i dont. so i cant show them off here.. tee-hee! they both love traveling a lot. they spend a month in Indonesia, and have been in Jakarta, Bandung, Bogor and Cirebon so far. Yogyakarta, Mount Bromo, Lombok and Bali are their next destinations. wow! tough girls~

yea, it is really NICE! even i post this posting in Present Tense. because i want this experience becomes the truly true facts. and i dont want to forget it even in a matter of Grammar.. :)

and suddenly when i talk to them, i feel Europe is really CLOSE. it seems right there in front of my eyes. ah, Europe! someday i'll CONQUER you!!

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