Sunday, November 21, 2010

a memory of you, Tetchan!! xD

it's been a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time i didnt hear Laruku's songs since i was on senior high school. it means almost 4-5 years ago! HA-HA!

ah, L'Arc~en~Ciel seemed a bridge for me to fall in love with anything about Japan.. *even i've had a dream to get married there!* silly~

yea, afterall, i loved all-about-J for almost 2-4 years. i even subscribed one of the Japanese magz, the most famous one in Indonesia which covered all about J from its culture, animes, tokusatsu and mangas, and i was crazy about them! cosplay, is the most i love stuff. yea, costume player! when people dress up like her/his fave characters from Japan (it can be from anime or manga, even their original characters they make). LOVE the way they show theirselves off with the costumes.. :)

back to Laruku, i love Laruku. i HEART it. moreover the personnel are CUTE!! xD
i love TETSU most! he's the bassist. and the CUTEST bassist ever.. *lol* i remember when i was at the first semester of my study, and my lecturer had given me a task to make a biography of the famous as my writing course, i chose TETCHAAAAAAAAAN!! xDD *tetchan is the cute nickname for tetsu, haha*

i've just realized that i WAS totally SILLY! gosh~
yea yea, i even remember my Y!M nickname is Banana69!! *gosh!! it is sillier than the writing task!* BANANA69: just because Tetchan loves bananas, and he was born in 1969, and he is called as Prince Banana69, i USED it as my Y!M nickname.. once i'd joined Y!M chat with the global chat windows where we can join people around the globe who use Y!M also, i'd been buzzed by TOO MANY GUYS (girls also) to make a CS *camsex!!*

oh my god!! yea, it's Banana and it's 69! what did the heck people think BUT i WAS a 'crazy-stupid-hot-whore' who offered a free camsex for everyone??!! HA-HA! just silly~ and i was shocked, then i terminated my Y!M without signing up, and i NEVER do that chat anymore because i EVEN DONT KNOW how to change my damn-silly nickname.. *sigh*


but i still love Tetchan.. :) my Prince Banana69.. tee-hee! *so sorry, i've ignored u for a long time and keep listening on Western bands not u* :D

and these are the pics of my Prince Banana69. u'll realize how CUTE he is in his 41.. yea, he's 41 now on October 3.. *aaaaaaaaarrrkkk! just love hiiiiiiiiiiimm* xD

tetchaaaaaaaan!! xD
i got the pic from here!

he always loves pink, orange, yellow! xD
yea yea, i love his messy hairstyle.. :) i got the pic from here!

and i HEART this expression.. tee-hee! i got it from here!

and he appears in ORANGE!! x)

and this is a fan of him did something for celebrating his 40th birthday.. *and this reminds me to my damn-silly Y!M nickname!! HA-HA! blame Tetchan.. :p (got it from here.)

HA-HA! Banana69

see? he's just CUTE! ah, TOO CUTE!! :))

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