Monday, November 29, 2010


hehe~ sounds like a movie's title which is Julia Roberts involved in.. :D
and the shooting was in Bali.. *i havent watched the movie, dont ask how the story goes, kay?* :p

i did a conversation with a friend of mine since i was on Junior High School.. he is Feliks *and without The Cat, hehe*
we both know, we always do kinda nonsense chit-chat.. but we always enjoy it.. *or only me? and Fel doesnt? Fel, admit that you enjoy it also! haha* :D

many things we've talked about.. starting from his status on FB, blabbering about something unnecessary, el clasico *hell yeah!! it is tonight!*, and something inspiring for me.. it's about a 4-letter word with a massive effect to hear: H O P E..

yea, hope.. *haha! i wanna laugh if i remembered my answers for your question about this, Fel!*
actually, he quoted it also from a film he watched.. errr, i forgot the title! :D would you like to tell me again, Fel? haha! sorry, but blame my brainey~

yea, hope.. something that everyone owns, but it is easily forgotten very often..

admit it, fellas! i do either.. yea, when i feel I CANT DO THIS or THAT, I just CANT DO IT! when i think im in my weakest point, DESPERATION haunts me.. and i will lost in such desperation, forget one thing that i still HAVE 'HOPE'..

HOPE never leaves us blind and alone..

afterall, whenever we feel powerless and weak, believe one thing that there is hope out there we can rely on..
pray and make efforts to make everything seems possible to reach although you are in the most impossible position..

thanks for Feliks A. Tiantoro as RJ 08 XVII.. keep your spirit burning, pal! lets do a chit-chat anymore.. haha! :)


  1. haha...silly you!
    I don't mind if "the cat" just following my name, as long as keep anyone to smile, lol. and o'course I enjoyed myself when we do chit-chat, Lint! hahaha...
    see? just remember HOPE is inception. :D
    the movie is The Shawsanks Redemption.
    hahaha, thanks for posting this, Lint. wish u luck anytime, see ya later in YM!

    P.S : el classico 5-0, what kind of nerd?? fuuuh, I don't care it anyway but Lazio of mine...hahaha

  2. hahaha~
    gees! this skilef a.k.a feliks are in the air! :D
    yea, my pleasure.. sometimes we do *or always?* nonsense chit-chat, n it is fun! haha..
    yea yea yea, RMA was just TERRIBLE and LAME. :p

    love love love Y!M more.. connecting us, everyone, always.. :)


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