Friday, November 5, 2010


other (Bahasa Indonesia) lyrics i heart.. and again, it is unnecessary to translate it into English, right? *grin*
what else in the world prettier than this /rif lyrics? entitled '1', it's easy to remember as easy as i FALL in love with the song.. :)

here it goes..
Hanya ada satu warna disini
Hanya ada satu rasa disini
Kita sama jadi satu disini
Tidak beda antara kita
Tak bijaksana kita curiga
Bukankah kita semua sama?
Rasakan indahnya
Damai yang tercipta yang tercipta
Rasakan nikmatnya
Damai yang tercipta untuk kita
Kita bisa tuk slalu saling cinta
Tanpa ada rasa kita berbeda
Kita semua jadi satu di sini
Tidak beda antara kita
see? the lyrics are so beautiful!
reminding us that WE ARE the same.
remember what Churchill said? ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL.

and LOVING one another is an easy, simple, BEAUTIFUL thing.. :)

love you all, Friends!

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