Wednesday, November 17, 2010

something bad, something good

happy eid mubarak.. :)

finally, i have to celebrate Idul Adha this year ALONE! haha..
not really alone, i just cant gather with my family. that's it!  
Family isn't about whose blood you have. It's about who you care about. -Trey Parker and Matt Stone-
at least, i still can smile widely by referring what Parker and Stone said.. tee-hee! yea, because i celebrate it with my friends here who also cant go home since their hometowns are pretty far away from Bandung.. *im luckier than them, it's been their third year of Idul Adha they cant celebrate with their families*

yea, my friends are my families. thanks to all for you~ :)

and what else in the world do you wish for than these nice friends? we have to thank everything come to our lives, anyway..

based on the preach (i dont know what the suitable word to replace this 'preach' because 'preach' is usually done in a church, but im a Muslim! ha-ha! hmm, the most important thing is the message, right? no matter what the religion is) i get after doing eid prayer, humans usually think that something good happens are blessing. and that something bad is considered as disaster..

hmmm, it's not always like that, actually.. because that something good, more often, makes us forget to thank THE ONE who GIVES this blessing..

and that something bad, mostly, forces us to pray more solemnly.. forces us to remember the God Almighty..

and the question is:
should we get SOMETHING BAD repeatedly then we'll REMEMBER??

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  1. gileeee....
    berat,, berattt....
    tp sip!!
    gud jooobb!!!
    i like me!!!


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