Friday, November 26, 2010

i LOVE boys.. xD

yea, i mean, hey im a girl, anyway.. HAHA! :D

nope, i mean, yea im a girl and girls LOVE boys, right? and, actually, i LOVE the way boys mingle around with the boys also.. you know, when boys do a chit-chat with other boys and they hang out together, they will CHAT NONSENSE.. *am i right? HAHA!* they will chat rubbish, and i always LOVE it.. *LOL*

i dont know, i just love the way they joke and kid the others.. i love the way they laugh at one others.. i love the way they express their feelings directly.. i love the way their appearances to be sooooo simple as possible.. i love the way they come home too late at night and no one is angry to them.. i love the way they wear sporty shorts and their sport shoes.. i love the way they hold their cigars and handphones at the same time *AH-AH! haha, i hate smokers, actually, but sometimes they seem cute, xD* i love the way they play the music instruments *and guitars are the best! tee-hee* i love the way they love hardcore, black metal and underground musics then they share them.. i love the way they flirt on girls *HAHA! silly* i love the way they visualize ASSignments and TASKS from schools as NOTHING *my boy friends always do this, haha!* i love the way they dont give a damn to everything *just relaxed, everything's gonna be better!* i love the way they make this messy complicated lives even SIMPLER.. i love the way they describe about friendship.. i love the way their loyalties to friends.. i love the way their wet messy hairstyles *hah?* and games, and then etcetera!

but one thing i LOVE most is the way THEY do A CHIT-CHAT with their friends.. for sure! seems babbling about rubbish, about nothing, about nonsense, BUT IT IS MEANINGFUL..

yea, instead of talking about gossips, commenting on others *in a bad way*, boyfriends' behaviors, or SINETRONS! (_ _") uurrgghhh.. or any other SENSITIVE things to share with.. *ooppss, Girls!*

yea, boys talk about sports they love, the latest technology (i even hard to find girls who really understand about this.. even they dont know what their blackberries are for, except for blackberry messaging.. HEY!! it's 2010, anyway), musics, JOKING and LAUGHING every time, and other nonsenses that make them *and me* laugh if we get involved.. there's no distance, no shyness, no hard feelings, just ALWAYS to be HAPPY everyday.. :D and the world seems BRIGHTER! haha~

tee-hee! boys are cool~
moreover, the shirts with their loose trousers.. :)

hey, boys! how could you, guys, to be that COOL??

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