Tuesday, November 16, 2010

just enjoy it! la la la la~

Idul Adha (another Big Day of Muslims which is usually celebrated by sacrificing sheep, cows or camels as our expression of grateful to Allah SWT and the meats are shared to our neighbors and the poor) this year will be the plainest Big Day of mine..

yea, i couldnt go home and gathered with my family in my hometown due to my duties as a tenant-student in Bandung. actually, it didnt take too much time to go to Cirebon (my hometown) from Bandung since Cirebon-Bandung trip takes 5 hours only by bus, it seems LONG enough for me, however..

my college didnt give us a compensation for this special day, so we had to attend the class even a day before the D-Day. it was upset me. i couldnt not to attend the class because i have no compensation to not attend the class anymore.. hehe! i've spent it earlier and i regretted it very much.. :(

yea, as you can imagine of course, i was alone in my boarding house with no friends because they'd gone home since last Saturday. the situation in Gerlong (which my boarding house is located near my campus) was also not as crowded as usual. hmm, i've just realized that Gerlong is actually full of tenant-students only.. haha!

sigh, i've just remembered my family..

but, this makes me realize also that this is life..
with its risks, with its surprises, with its uncertainties..

and those make us stronger and stronger from time to time..
it is my risk to take as a student who goes to the university which is far from my family..
it is a surprise that i've planned before i would go home and gather with my family my old friends in Cirebon and it actually didnt come true..
it is an uncertain that i can celebrate Idul Adha with my families or not, and it is not for this year, how can i know for next year??

really simple examples of risks, surprises, uncertainties of life.. just enjoy them! :)

really miss y'all, anyway!

*) the biggest photo: (from left to right) me, mellina -my cousin-, vemy -my sister-, ika -mellina's sister-
    the 2nd: my beloved kitten, Bedu. and he's dead.. *crying*
    the 3rd: my mom
    the 4th: (from right to left) ika, me, ayu -my cousin-
    the 5th: mellina! it's her! i dunno i just like this photo, she's damn cool~ haha!

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