Monday, November 29, 2010

things i want badly!

it's okay, right, to share kinda 'dreams' here? :D

  • I dont know, i just fall in love with guitar recently.. i mean, i have been in love with this cute musical instrument since... errrr, a year ago! HAHA! yea, it can be said that im a newbie with this damn cute musical instrument.. sometimes i feel stupid when i realize that IT IS TOO LATE TO START LEARNING THIS, silly! yea, i was 21 when i started to fall in love with guitars.. 21! can you imagine it? how old.. tee-hee! so, it's kinda "common thing happened" if i havent been able to play it well.. *membela diri* Sooooo, my first thing i want badly iiiiiisssss.. a professional electric guitar! *WTF?!!* +.+
  • Next is a new handphone! hehe. actually, i REALLY LOVE my old handphone.. and it is really OLD! i mean it.. because i use N-GAGE.. HA-HA! you know, it's kinda the classic-unique-cute handphone.. yea, i love the style.. woo-hoo! TOO STYLISH~ and it WAS cool at the time when N-GAGE firstly launched in 2003.. *sigh!* and my only one reason to change this STYLISH-CUTE-CLASSIC-UNIQUE handphone is the battery! yea, the battery sucks.. *it's old, L! c'mon!* i have changed the batteries many times, of course! with the fake ones.. and it always ends up terribly terrible: to the rubbish bin! gosh~ hmm, i have no desire to change this cutie, actually.. if only there is a very generous person who wants to give me any new handphone.. *keep dreaming!* HA-HA!
  • umm, what else? oh yea!! a good place for my academic training.. yea!! i'll spend my 72-days as "busy-hours" to be a part-timer due to my academic obligation to graduate ON TIME! hoho~ and i dont REALLY want to end up in a gloomy-horrible place for 72 neither! :D broadcasting area attracts me recently.. working for a radio or local TV station may be a good choice.. and i DONT WANT TO be a teacher! oh, enough.. *LOL*
  • i think i need a new brilliant brain! HA-HA! yea, i feel stuck with this old brainey~ huhu. or maybe i need a new faster processor?oh, c'mon, L! it's your 7th semester and your little brainey hasnt performed something FAB at all?! ah, lame.. throw your brainey to the bin!
  • another thing i want badly is my academic seminar, of course! yea, i want to graduate soon.. huhu! and catch my friends up who are able to earn money by themselves.. waaa~ a great thing, uh? i mean, MONEY! $.$ tee-hee! yea, it's a great thing when you can afford things you want by your own money, right? there is a "pride" there.. so, please, my dearest lecturers, make my seminar goes smoothly-quickly.. *and i promise i will get the info about the schedule, first!* haha~ silly, if i remember the time i MISSED my seminar schedule and my lecturer had called my name and i WASNT there because i DIDNT KNOW the schedule.. (_ _")
  • and the last thing i want badly is CONTINUE my study [abroad, if only i get God's divine to do]. hehe~ yea, continuing your degree abroad is something GROOVY, isnt it? i mean, it's cool and sophisticated and another WOOOOZZ thing to happen.. mmm, if i have to choose the country, i prefer USA.. :D but, Singapore isnt that bad at all.. or maybe my destiny leads my path to continue it in Bandung [again]? ah, let the destiny leads the right path of mine.. :D
  • ummm, what else? AH! i've said the LAST in the previous point?? oh, okay~ i'll finish my wish lists, then! and this is the MOST LAST list:
AAMIIN! *Semoga Tuhan mengabulkan*

and how about yours? just make them! and always PLAY hard, oops sorry, i mean WORK hard to achieve them.. :)

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