Saturday, December 18, 2010

ya pokonya HAPPY WEEKEND, fellas!!

afterall, it's weekend in the air [again!]..

yep! happy Saturday, fellas~

this Saturday, i think, i'll spend my time at a library..
hehe! kinda a diligent student, but in fact IM NOT.. *lol*

as the 7th semester student, i have to be stand-by very often at a library..
yea, looking up some sources and useful books for my FINAL research.. i mean, final research as a requirement for graduating from my lovely college.. *is it??* :D

yea, i've passed the seminar, and thank God i didnt miss the schedule again.. :))

it means there is still LOOOONGGGEEERR way to surf on~
2 more seminars, then pre-writing course.. *oh-oh!! my legs are even shaking for hearing this 'pre-writing'* haha~ :DD

oh iya, saking sibuknya ngurus kayak gituan, aku sampe2 lupa gak buang2 sampah yang udah numpuk depan kamer..
kemaren2 pas balik ke kosan, eh tau2 sampah2nya udah gak ada dong!! wow, who dumped them, anyway?? HA-HA!! whoever you are, THANKS A BUNCH FROM ME~~
*tapi curiga si bapak kosan deh.. -,.-"*


    NICE BLOG, i have followed you

  2. thanks for visiting mine and commenting on this.. :D

    happy weekend for everyone~

  3. salam kenal

    if me..I'm going to library if someone forced me to doing that and the person of course is my beloved lecturer

    P/S : Seronok Kan Bila Kena Prank Dengan Kawan Sendiri?


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