Sunday, December 5, 2010

who is Baba Ali? ah, LOVE him so.. :D

it's been three weeks since i've kept downloading Baba Ali's videos.. *i should select them, of course.. which videos i want to download.. although i want them all, actually! haha*

hmm, do you know, Folks, who Baba Ali is? has anyone known him before me? tee-hee! kay, i'll give you a brief description about him here.. :)

Baba Ali is the founder of UmmahFilms.. a Muslim film company which has produced some videos to be enjoyed by Muslims around the globe.. he himself who becomes the actor.. i mean, who faces the camera and go! :D he tries to make some videos from random questions sent to him through his every Friday.. he was an irreligious.. he is an Iranian and was born with Ali Ardekani as his real name.. he raised in a secular Iranian family in America.. finally became a truly Muslim when he was 20.. :)

the videos are totally SILLY and FUNNY! even he has been considered also as a comedian, in fact he isnt.. ahh, i also REALLY IN LOVE with him!! xD
i always try to download and collect his past videos and always laugh at him.. ooppss, it doesnt mean that he deserves to be laughed at.. *tee-hee!* his expressions, his way in answering and giving some solutions, and his way of speaking American English, MAKE ME in love DIRECTLY first time i saw him.. LOL

he's just kinda funny guy, and his humor-sense is really tasteful.. :P moreover, HE'S REALLY CUTE!! *aaaarrrkk~ >.</

hmmm, wanna see him? here i bring him to you through his video.. *this is my fave one than the others i have, and i'll still try to download others.. wanna download it also? just browse them on youtube, Folks! :D*

darn! i just cant upload the video here.. my connection was really bad.. you know what? i've been waiting for an hour and it didnt work~ HA-HA! *sigh*

i'll give you the link of  my fave one on Baba Ali's video so you can join the video *which i couldnt share it here :(*
here's the link!

P.S: he speaks in English, HELL YEAH!! hehe.. just listen to him, and you'll realize that English is fun! :D
*berbicara seolah-olah udah jago Inggrisnya.. hehe*

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