Friday, December 10, 2010

hey, indonesia is rich, you know.. haha!

my country is rich.. in the sense of the plentiful of the RICH here.. :D

sounds ironic..
when the fact says that many the POOR suffers here..

and interestingly, there is another fact says another! i have been a witness of this.. for sure! *hoho~

yep! living in Bandung, as the capital city of West Java, which many ethnics in indonesia mingled around here, makes me realize that indonesian people are rich! :D

they do love shopping, they do love eating at fancy restaurants, they do love spending a lots of money for being fashionable, they do love making over their appearances, they do love hanging out with some friends, they do love anything related to spending a big amount of money..

wow! rich, isnt it? :D

yea, even some days ago when my friends and i went to Ciwalk *FYI, we didnt mean to spend a big amount of money here, just wanted to having fun releasing stressful feeling from the damn lectures, tee-hee!* and luckily a friend of mine brought a car.. we went to Ciwalk, it was on Saturday.. *yep! Saturday night.. having fun, not spending a lot of money.. it's different.. :D*

around at 4 PM we arrived there.. Ciwalk isnt really far from a place where i live here, but we spent almost 2 hours to get there.. terrible! traffic jam was everywhere, it was on weekend, anyway.. after arriving Ciwalk, we thought that the suffer of this trip would end here.. and it was NOT!! gosh~

we had to find a parking lot! and you know what? we spent almost an hour to get a place to park my friend's car.. GEE!! what the heck happened?? THE PARKING LOTS WERE FULL..

yep! i repeated it, it was FULL~ Ciwalk has 4-5 floors to park the visitors' cars.. and we almost spent an hour just to get a small place to park the car! and what does it mean?? too many cars in bandung!
and what does this mean?? too many rich people in here! *LOL

oh my god~
what made me feel ironic was when we were on the way home, there were many children acted as street musicians, beggars, the POOR..



  1. masalahnya adalah pemerataan ekonomi dan kesejahteraan tiap individu yg harus diusahakan.

    "But the idea that I should be a teacher and a researcher of some sort did not vary over the years."

    While I am interested both in economics and in philosophy, the union of my interests in the two fields far exceeds their intersection.
    ~Amartya Sen,Economist from Harvard University, Economic Nobelist ~

    Extremely nice experience, good luck. w3

  2. hahahaha....nice posting nice posting,,,


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