Thursday, December 9, 2010

Garuda di Dadaku

haha~ *hmm, i've just realized that this 'haha~' has been being my fave openig word* :D

ahhh~ finally, im back!! after almost 12 hours my internet connection was on the MOST TERRIBLY terrible condition.. you know, Folks, the speed was ONLY 2kbps! *laughing at me is allowed*

what a bummer! -__-"" yea, i should admit that i USED another provider and it was terrible, HORRIBLE! haha~ i had no money at that time to continue my subscription for the provider i usually use and it hardly ever disappointed me.. :D
but not now~ im back with the provider i TRUST! >.</

kay, i think it's enough to do some curcol here.. :P
as the title of my posting now is caused by the AFF champion is in the aiiiiirrr~

and Indonesia (with Malaysia) from Group A are qualified to compete in semifinal! woo-hoo, a semifinal.. :D
i dont know, but i think Indonesia is IN ITS great achievement.. PSSI (Indonesian Football Club) is in its GREAT achievement now! :D

hmmm, im not a soccer-freak and know all about soccer.. im not like you, boys, who know a lot about this stuff.. but at least i know that PSSI almost never perform its good performance, but now in AFF Cup 2010! tee-hee!! i was quite surprised when Indonesia could beat Malaysia and Laos and finally Thailand and the most finally is INDONESIA is in semifinal~ :D

and the lyrics of Garuda di Dadaku performed by Netral is the representation of Indonesia now..
i watched the film *Garuda di Dadaku* when it first came to the theater, and i also have heard the soundtrack *Garuda di Dadaku* since the time also..

you know what? i almost COULDNT believe that the lyrics would come true even someday..
and, in fact, i was totally WRONG! haha~
Indonesia, at least, won the games in Group A of AFF Cup 2010.. :D
and it is a great achievement, isnt it? tee-hee!

ahh~ salute to Bagus, Coki, and Eno *kyyyaaaaaayyy~ Eno is the cutest drummer ever!! Travis Baker wanna-be, hehe* for the lyrics and a song they've made.. :)

Ayo putra bangsa, harumkan negeri ini
Jadikan kita bangga, Indonesia

Tunjukkan dunia, bahwa ibu pertiwi, pantas jadi juara 

Jayalah negaraku tanah air tercinta indonesia raya
Jayalah negaraku tanah air tercinta indonesia raya

Garuda di dadaku, garuda kebanggaanku
Kuyakin hari ini pasti menang
Kobarkan semangatmu, tunjukkan sportivitasmu, 
Kuyakin hari ini pasti menang
yea, i believe it also!!
at least, a ticket to FINAL, Guys~ :DD


  1. garuda gak hanya ada di dada ku...
    tapi tertancap dengan sangat kuat di dalam hati ku....

  2. Dukung sang garuda untuk terbang tinggi di AFF 2010

  3. Garuda akan selalu di Jiwa'n hati ku mengalir dalam darah ku...
    berjuang Garuda ku ... kita adalah negara hebat... walaupun pemimpinnya banyak yang tidak baik...hiks hiks...

    bagus nih blogx... aku suka..
    Oh iya kenapa warna text nya tidak wrna orange aja lbh bagus loh...

  4. dukung terus garuda deehhh.. :D
    hehe, thanks for visiting and commenting.. :))

    thanks for liking this blog also..
    hmmm, kenapa ya? soalnya yang oren udah dipake buat font judul2.. hehe~


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