Thursday, December 2, 2010

indonesian horror movies?? it's a Y-U-C-K!! *will u replace the Y with F?* haha!

im indonesian, but it's a BIG NO-NO to watch indonesian horror movies!!

urrrggghh~ kinda wasting your time and money all at once *i'll BURN the free ticket, anyhow! if i get any* haha~

i dont know, i just HATE them.. that's it..
hmm, yea, it's not that simple, actually..

firstly, i HATE anything related to ghosts.. and it HORROR does! im a coward, you name it.. but the ghosts STINK in indonesian horror movies.. gyahahah~
yea, how can they appear and look so terrible?? wearing all the same costumes and make-up =,= *i dont want to describe them here! im a coward, lol*

secondly, i HATE the stories.. i like thriller movies, but not HORROR! gosh~
how can the actor and friends go to somewhere, normally to a place where there is forest, and the car engines suddenly stop running, and always late at night? *this scene always exists, i guess! i dont know exactly, because i NEVER want to watch them, haha!* and the scenes are terribly TERRIBLE.. =..=

thirdly, i LOATH the titles!! *FYI, loath=the massive feeling of hate, haha!*
yea, the titles STINK! *and it's unnecessary to mention them one by one here, im afraid you want to google them out, lol* the point is: the titles ALWAYS make me laugh.. *ironically*

fourthly, HORROR=PORNOGRAPHY.. that's the reality! even the stories contain lack of ghosts and MUCH 21+ scenes! *eh? i mean, porn scenes! make it obvious, kay?*
and it always a girl who becomes the role *which i consider as the 'victim'* yea, the girls who show their bodies off for those MORONS who watch the films..

GEES! it's totally 100% SAME AS legalizing porn shows in public areas.. and what makes me wonder is how could those films passed the censorship, very often?? the fact is LOTS OF PEOPLE WHO ALWAYS WANT TO BAN SUCH FILMS.. and so do the FILM PRODUCERS who still want to produce them..

kinda an irony~

cartoons and animated ones are better!!


  1. yea..i will replace it with "F"..moreover,,i can give you 7 "F' if you like it..

    can you differentiating betwen horror movie and semi bluefilm??


  2. haha~
    yea, u see what i mean.. :D

    semoga tidak begitu lagi di kemudian hari.. :)
    thanks for visiting.. :D


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