Saturday, December 4, 2010

you are cute, sorry I HATE YOU!! x(

damn!! yea, damn!! you know what? this Saturday night i went out for dinner with some friends and we chose a new cafe near our boarding house named, errr.. i forgot the name! :D the point is the cafe sells Sushi and Steak..

i should underline the word SUSHI.. this kinda unique well-known Japanese food attracted us to come.. the place is really cool, cozy, and looks fancy.. you know another word for EXPENSIVE.. tee-hee!

actually we havent planned it before that we would visit it, i dont know the word SUSHI forced us to come.. moreover the pics are cute and tempting, for sure!! we were being hypnotized by the SUSHI.. even we hadnt considered about the price first!! haha~

at last, we came to the cafe and a waitress in red approached us with the menu.. here it goes, the menu! haha~ and of course the prices are fancy also.. luckily, we found the cheap ones.. :D *i was so happy at that time* >.</

hmmm, sushi has fancy prices.. and those cheap ones menu are beef teriyaki sauce or chicken teriyaki sauce.. chose those ones, of course! haha! and finally, waiting is another stuff we had to overcome.. darn! it took a very long time to make our beef teriyaki cooked well.. *i was really hungry, dude!! huhu*

fortunately, the beef was GREAT! yea, the taste was really yum-yum and suitable for my tongue.. :D we enjoyed the beef and the sauce and the drink.. then afterall, i dont know where the idea actually came across my mind that WE SHOULD TRY THE SUSHI, GUYS~ *said me to my friends*

and UNFORTUNATELY, they agreed.. we chose, errr.. HA-HA! again, i dont remember the name.. :D the point was the sushi contained salmon, cucumber and the nori.. sushi used rare fish fillet, normally.. we asked the waitress to bring us the WELL-DONE ONES.. we wanted to pack them and eat them in our boarding house..

and after waiting for some time, we paid the bill *and dont ask how much we spent those foods! tee-hee!*
going home smilingly, happy to try the sushi.. yea, one of weird foods we HAVENT EVER EATEN IT YET.. :D hoho~ we were that happy wanted to try it!! >.</

and the look was like this:
the sushi! looks cute, uh? =,=

haha~ the look was very cute and tempting to try.. as we came home, we took some plates to eat those delicious-look foods! the first gourmet was me.. *as if i was a person who knew a lot about great food, haha!* and guess what?? the salmon WAS RARE!! the wasabi WAS YUCK!! the shoyu-wasabi mixed WAS TERRIBLE!! and ALL THE COMBINATION burnt my tongue and i felt dizzy and i wanted to vomit all at once~ T^T

it was terrible!! my friends wanted to cry and sworn not to eat them again for the rest of their lives.. HA-HA! i even still remember our expressions when firstly tried the SUSHI: they were terribly UGLY!! *lol*

you are cute, shusi.. sorry, I HATE YOU TOO MUCH!! x(

*lidahnya kampungan kali yak? soalnya liat orang2 laen yang makan, pada tenang2 aja tuh.. (_ _")*

oia lagi, IRFAN BACHDIM cuuuuutttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! >.</ *INA 6 - 0 LAOS, great job!

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