Tuesday, December 21, 2010

pre-thesis writing. *what the heck?!


hammering my head is THE BEST CHOICE to do.. T___T

err, i know, technically, i am kinda idiot..
in the case of classroom matter..

YEA! i told you, my brain is kinda SLOW in absorbing the materials in the classroom.. or you can call it as telmi.. haha! *sigh*

i dont know, my friends in class -AT LEAST what I CAN SEE- consider me as an INCREDIBLE student.. because [maybe] im the one from my class of 2007 who HAS DONE THE PROPOSAL SEMINAR for skripsi among the class of 2006..

it can be said that I AM ONE STEP BETTER than my other friends in class of 2007 *in doing skripsi* because i applied it at my 7th semester which is usually done at 8th semester *which means again i SHOULD do it next semester*

yea, they praised me and considered me as a 'good student', the 'smart one', and INCREDIBLE..
AS A MATTER OF FACT: i am the opposite of all those~

in a simple term: I AM actually TERRIBLE not incredible.. HAHA!

and I AM!! you know what?? i did a pre-thesis writing just now.. you know, some kinda test that is required for those who have applied the skripsi proposal to TEST whether she/he DESERVES to write skripsi.. due to my name WAS in the list and i HAVE DONE the seminar, i have to fulfill this test also..

and, again, you know what?? the test consists of TWO NUMBERS only.. and I HAVENT FINISHED THEM yet until the bell rang.. the test was kinda a test of our ability in writing or arranging story..

it sounds easy, uh? but IT WASNT! totally..
i even COULDNT do the second question: TO SUMMARIZE a text.. *how stupid*

gee~ it seems easy here to write something 'rubbish' like the postings of my blog..
but not THE TEST.. T________________T

see, fellas?? im not an incredible student like you think..
im just TERRIBLE.. *sigh*

*Dear God,
the reasons why i want to graduate soon and take skripsi at 7th semester are I DONT WANT TO PAY MY TUITION FEE and MY BOARDING ROOM anymore..
it's not because im an incredible student like what my friends think.. it's also not because i know and understand well all the materials my lecturers give to me.. YOU know my brain is wrecked..
i just dont want to pay those things i've mentioned before, God..
please, understand me.. okay?
make my dream comes true I CAN GRADUATE in August 2011.. AAMIIN!
Thanks, God.. :)


  1. Kunjungan sore menjelang malam sobat....heheheh ditunggu kunjungan baliknya yaw...

  2. lek gak bisa nyerap pelajaran dikelas, mending nyerap material kayak bangku, meja, atau apurnya...hwaahahaha...
    keep doing d'best u can do..

  3. thanks for visiting and commenting fellas..
    i'll visit u back! :D

    bener2~ haha! *do the best i can do-nya maksudnya* :DD

  4. Goodluck for ya, L... :D


  5. thank youuuu~, my beloved friend.. :D



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