Saturday, December 11, 2010

taking photos and enjoying the night.. *halagh!

another girls' night out.. :P

just love it.. :)

this badge always makes my friend goes NUTS! haha~ sorry, late to tell you, dear Pherrow.. ;)
xmas is in the air! yay~ i'll get holiday soon.. :D
me and echie.. tee-hee! walked around the bush! :P
me and kiki~ waiting for the xmas tree to catch! it was just too long to wait for the girls on that.. :(
hey, my dear Phe! u ENVY this.. LOL~ discounts were everywhere! wish u were there.. ;P
echie was trying the bag.. okay, it suited u well.. could u please put it again on the shelf before the security catches us? haha!
kiki also tried this? GOSH! kay, lets finish it quickly.. tee-hee!
i always love street food-stalls! suits my money so, and the taste is AMAZING~ the musicians there are also sweet.. i can remember it that they played Slank, the Beatles, Saybia, Dewa, Keane, etc that night.. GREAT!

hmmm, i bought also some Teenlit books.. *LOL* teenlit?!! for flashbacking into my junior high school time.. :) even im not a teenager anymore.. haha! the books may not suit my age, but my soul.. *LOL

thanks, sistas! :D


  1. can i help u...? if u want please add my ym ditunggu yach?....

  2. helping in what? lol
    thanks for visiting.. i'll join the YM..
    thanks! \m/

  3. tee-hee! me, too.. :)
    it's huge and blinking.. ;)


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