Friday, December 3, 2010

hi, i am Lintang. and i am an interpreter.. HAHA!

after about a month ago, i posted this posting and shared my experience as a [terrible] tourist guide *LOL*, here i come with a new posting about me who became an interpreter.. HA-HA! :D

yesterday was my Critiquing and Interpreting Literary Works course and there was a foreigner *call it bule*, i forgot his Australian name, but the Indonesian: it is Hatta.. *gees! Bung Hatta~*

he was a quite fat, tall, glasses guy.. he was really nice.. and he has been learning Bahasa Indonesia for two years.. his Bahasa is great! and the dialect is, still, bule dialect.. i tell you, like Cinta Laura's.. but his better.. *LOL*

then, the lecturer wanted us to pretend to be his interpreter, i mean to be Hatta's interpreter.. hehe~
as usual, my lecturer wanted us to be a volunteer to be an interpreter.. and as usual also, there was no one raised her/his hand voluntarily! haha~

yea, that are Indonesians.. lack of confidence.. :P
or being so humble? and dont want to show their skills off? ah, THAT'S ME! *HA-HA! funny, L*

eventually, the lecturer should point out the student.. her magic finger couldnt make us refuse it! and luckily, *for my friend*, she had been pointed out and had to perform her skill in front of the class.. haha~

it was kinda funny.. because a friend of mine was nervous, surely! yea, it was!! can you imagine it?? standing in front of the class, and pretending to be an interpreter of a foreigner *the REAL one, hehe*, it would make your legs shaking! :D

she could pass it and we laughed a lot looking at her facial expressions.. and after she finished, the lecturer wanted her to use her magic finger to point out a boy.. A BOY!!

and guess what did she do? she POINTED OUT ME! yea, me.. =,=
damn! haha~ hey, do i look like a boy??? *mirroring myself*

i, at first, refused it.. and said to the lecturer that i WASNT a boy.. but she said it was okay.. OH-OH! did you mean it was okay whether all of my friends in the class considered me as A BOY??! *sigh*

then, finally, I WAS THERE.. *in front of the class, standing beside Hatta, to be watched by everyone attended the class, and TREMBLING! haha~

and i am really happy, anyway~
because I TALK TO A FOREIGNER! haha, my obsession always.. :D

so far, my interpretation from English to Bahasa Indonesia was good.. *the lecturer SAID that! xD*
and Hatta DID! haha~

i realized also that it was not that EASY, of course!, to be an interpreter.. at least, you have to own a brain with A GOOD PROCESSOR! gyahahahahah~
fortunately, i dont have it, but my English is GOOD! *LOL

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