Sunday, December 12, 2010

D on weekend..

'D on weekend' is one of the posters' titles which are showed at BIP, Bandung..
one of the most interesting ones, to me.. :D

yep! there are lots of creative, attractive, bizarre, unique, wonderful posters there.. in celebrating 200th anniversary of Bandung.. very unique event.. i love it so~

i went to BIP yesterday with some friends, and this Saturday night we were hanging out there [again!].. tee-hee!
and the poster entitled 'D on weekend' was really attracted me.. it was simple, just a big letter 'D' which consists of little 'B' letters to form the big 'D'..
can you imagine it?? i didnt take the pic of the poster, anyway.. hehe~ *taking our photographs is A MUST! but i'll post them later on here, lol*

yep! a very simple poster, but i like it so.. picturing how 'D' *as a license plate of Bandung* consists of little 'Bs' *as a license plate of Jakarta* on the weekend..
really brilliant idea!! haha~

yea, i mean, the creator *which i forgot the name, :D* was really brilliant in making such simple and meaningful poster about Bandung on the weekend, it is: FULL OF VEHICLES ON 'B' LICENSE PLATES which mean FULL OF JAKARTA PEOPLE here.. :D

amazing, uh? and the 'Bs' always make Bandung seems more crowded and in traffic! i hate the traffic jam~
then i faced it at this Saturday night.. haha~ *sigh!*

im sorry, no offence for the Jakartans.. :D
*if only there are some Jakartans who read this post, tee-hee!*

there are a lot more posters, very creative unique posters, at BIP.. picturing Bandung in the past and now.. many critiques that are told wisely and in peace through the posters..

no need to fight, make wars, and any brutal violence to deliver our critiques for the govt, anyway.. :D

aaahhh, great Saturday night! happy weekend, fellas.. :)
*although the traffic upset me violently*


  1. what is BIP?
    hehe,,,have a nice weekend then,,,^_^

  2. hehe~
    BIP=Bandung Indah Plaza.. :D

    u too~ :)


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