Monday, December 13, 2010

watchout! sex offenders!!

hmm, lemme do some curcol first here.. haha! :D

i dont know, i feel bored with my college life.. in this 7th semester, i feel that STUDYING IS HORRIBLY BORING~ -__-" i wanna GRADUATE soon!! *weeping*

i feel my life is tortured by ASSignments, papers, tasks which i even dont know when they stop torturing my brain.. *HUAHAHA~

you know what, this morning (12/13/2010) i came at 11.15AM to the campus, in fact i had a class at 10.40AM.. i woke up very late! of course, i decided not to come to the class although i had been there.. i was totally late anyway..
*but one thing i dont understand is: WHY DID I STILL COME TO THE CAMPUS IN FACT I KNOW THAT I'LL BE LATE??*

gee!! haha~ see? my brain is totally wrecked.. :(
so, i just spent my time at the lobby with some friends who didnt attend the class also.. hmmm, I HAD REALLY NO IDEA TO DO BUT CAME TO THE CAMPUS THEN AT 1PM I'D BE BACK TO MY BOARDING ROOM AGAIN..

silly!! stupid, i think.. *sigh*
i dont know, i feel soooo lazy recently.. there's nothing in my head but GRADUATE SOON! but i still miss the classes and dont want to my too-much-ASSignments.. (_ _") *god, help me out, please..*

okay! enough for the curcol, now i'd like to post my view about the sex offenders.. :D
after seeing my Home page of my Facebook then i saw also a friend liked a page of this Don't Allow Registered Sex Offenders on Facebook.. i've clicked it and joined the causes page..

hmm, the first time i saw the title i was too curious to know what the page about.. because i didnt really understand the meaning of this sex offenders.. literally means penyerang seks?? *weird!*

haha! then i clicked the page, joined it, read the page, then finally TA-DAA~ i got the point! *it took time to realize it, dasar lemot! lol*
the page contains people concerns about the DAMNED sex offenders who raped children and it was the worst ever, so the conviction was sentenced 25 years in jail~

hmm, pedophilia are many out there.. Indonesia contains less of them, but not now, i guess.. i've heard also some cases about this.. *horrible~

i do really think against those pedophilias! hey, you destroy childrens' hopes, dreams and lives, anyway..

and another thought im concerning about is the cybersex crime! yep, like a posting of mine a month ago about my Y!M nickname which was Banana69 and i even didnt know how to change it, and then i joined Y!Chat.. you can guess the rest, that MANY people buzzed me and invited me to do so-called a cybersex! *WTF?!*

then i never want to join the chat anymore! haha~ *silly!*

see? even it is in the cyberworld.. the crime also happens! *as a matter of fact, i think that what ACTUALLY those people want to get?? a cybersex?? doing it with the screen?? or hands?? LOL!*
sorry if it's too vulgar, but IT IS THE FACT, guys~

peoples' minds has been poisoned by this three letters S-E-X and even makes them to DO IT WITH THE SCREEN (?) *lol, i swear i cant stop laughing*

and of course, it's a crime! not only like the guy who raped a little girl directly, but also which happened from your screen~ yikes!!

i even was really surprised when i heard a news about an Indonesian woman who was offended by two guys in a hotel WHEN SHE WAS IN HER HAJJ ACTIVITY.. i repeat it again: IN DOING HAJJ~

what the heck totally happened on those peoples' minds??

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