Saturday, December 25, 2010

we dont want to be REAL, we just want to be IDEAL..

this line was my lecturer's babbling *haha! sorry, but i always consider all of my lecturers' sayings as 'babbling' :D*

i take Copy Writing course this semester.. and i know, from the first time i heard the name of Copy Writing i'd fall in love with it.. and i was TRUE! im in love with the course.. *haha! it's God's divine i can be in love with a course~*

more or less, this course is about making good advertisements.. YAY~ ads, Fellas! :D
yea, you know, how to make a good ad for the clients, in newspapers, magz, radio, TVs, even in the internet.. or it is usually called as cyber ads.. :)
fun, uh? *yea, of course! i'll only fall in love with FUN things :D*

so far, i've made a small scale research in comparing two products to get some facts about these products i chose in society, and i've also made my own ad with a friend.. haha! it was SO MUCH FUN to die for.. i mean, hey im not good in drawing, im good in SCRIBBLING.. and this skill benefited me TOO MUCH.. :D

you know, i've made our own *since we're in team* ad.. im as the ILLUSTRATOR *the terrible one, of course* and a friend of mine become the CONCEPT MAKER..
and the result is: a [terrible] illustrator + a nice concept maker = A [very] GOOD ad :DD

i'll post our masterpiece later on~

back to the title, yea, my lecturer said the line above *my posting's title*
WE DONT WANT TO BE REAL, we just want to BE IDEAL.. *more or less is like that :D*

and what does it mean? since the course is Copy Writing and it deals with ads, yea he babbled about ADS..
and the impact for us *read as: the consumers*

yep! why should we DONT WANT TO BE REAL? because WE WANT TO BE IDEAL.. that's it..
easy, simple, INTERESTING!

and this concept of IDEAL is EXAGGERATIVELY EXTRA EXPOSED by ads.. *yea, what else?*

ads are the simplest and the most appropriate thing to invade our minds, to persuade, and to EMBRACE people in all ages..

children, adults, youngsters, seniors, rich, poor.. ALL OF US consume ads..

take a look at the cosmetics ads for women.. *these ads are the easiest ones to investigate* how does the models look like? what do they expose on the screen? the concept of beauty, Fellas~
a simpler sentence: beautiful means fair skins, bule look alike, long lovely hair, and do MAKE-UP-ing.. :D

that's IDEAL.. and it pushes us that WE WANT TO BE IDEAL like that.. and we dont want to be REAL anymore..
see what i mean? yea, just take a look at your toiletries, fellas~
what kinds of products you have there?? having been attempted by the ads, uh?? lots of them, uh?? ;)

yea, it's normal.. and this is the bad effect of ads lurks..
not only women cosmetics ads, but there are lots of ads there which have great impacts like these as well..

if we, as consumers, are attempted to the ads we consume, it means THE COPY WRITERS WHO ARE BEHIND THOSE ADS are BRILLIANT~

their works are smooth.. then, we, as consumers, are interested in TRYING those.. :D
AH-AH! blame the copy writers, anyway~ :P

P.S: we have been being SUCH GREAT, COOL, BEAUTIFUL, HANDSOME, UNIQUE persons since we were born, fellas~
just be yourself, always! to be IDEAL or NOT is not a big deal.. be the REAL you.. WE ARE SPECIAL~ :D


  1. Kunjungan pagi sob...ditunggu kunjungan baliknya ya sobat

  2. thanks for y'all who commented on this.. :D

  3. i like the concept maker.....
    hey, i've got a big, bright lamp on my head...
    why dont we found an ads agency....
    wish one day we can cooperate to create other masterpieces, bud....

  4. ahahahhaha~
    this is the concept maker i meant in this posting~~ :D

    yeaaaaaa! making an ads agency, then it'll collapse soon after the illustrator gets STUCK on idea~ haha :pp


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